Mountain Roads

October 21, 2008 - Malinalco, Mexico

Rather surprisingly, considering the amount we drank last night, we were up relatively early in order to pack our things for the next ten days or so.  We finished with plenty of time to spare and after meeting Alan for some breakfast we went back to the apartment to wait for Jorge and the taxi.  Once they arrived we headed for the airport and some very expensive celebratory beers.

The walk to the plane was timed nicely between downpours and marked the last time we would see rain in some time.  The flight was pleasant enough; around about two hours with food and complimentary beers served (you don't get that on Easyjet!).  A friend of Alan's came to the airport in Toluca (look at the map!) to collect us and drive us back to Alan's parents house in Malinalco.  We had to fight traffic all the way out of town, but as we had stopped for some more beers we didn't mind.  Slowly the buildings gave way to fields and gentle slopes which built gradually into mountain roads with steep sides and hairpin bends.

These were navigated at a speed only a true Mexican would dare, all the while dodging potholes and sending text messages.  And then there was the smoking and supping his (one!) bottle of beer with the other hand.  I also discovered that is is considered entirely normal when faced with a short stretch of dual carriageway to go down which ever side looks the smoothest, leaving the oncoming traffic to swerve from your path once the dazzle of headlights has been overcome.

Still, it's all an adventure - right?

We eventually made it to the house which was bigger than I had expected, and far more remote.  The pictures from the trip show what I mean...  By the time we got in and were fed by Alan's Mum, we were shattered and all elected to retire to our rooms for the night.


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