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October 24, 2008 - Guanajuato, Mexico

The bus finally pulled in to Guanajuato at about eight o'clock in the morning.  Bleary eyed and slightly grumpy we climbed off and distanced ourselves from the still partying and now really quite drunk teenagers.  Once we had recovered our bags from the bus we wandered towards the entrance to the bus stop.  We were quickly approached by guys offering us a ride into the centre of town for the equivalent of a couple of quid.

We were dropped off in a tunnel under the city centre and climbed some steep steps to emerge near the market area.  As Alan had been there a number of times before he led us up to a nearby hotel.  Once in the lobby area he said "Right, lets see if they still have space".  Err... what?  We had kind of been under the impression that everything had been booked...

After a long wait we were finally at the front of the queue and the guy showed Alan and I the only available room for four people while Jorge and Ana guarded the bags.  It was a tiny room for two people with a double bed and a couple of extra mattresses thrown on the floor, amongst the cigarette butts.  I declined the offer.

We decided to leave Alan and Jorge with the bags in the lobby while Ana and I ran round the town checking out all the hotels.  To cut a long story short we could only find a hotel with two doubles in a fairly nice room for one night.  We booked it and unloaded our bags, with the idea of figuring out the next nights accommodation later.  The first thing we did was have a snooze for about 2.5 hours.  Refreshing!

Next we went out, bought some bags of fruit juice (I kid you not!) and waited for our tour bus to arrive.  We had booked an all inclusive tour of the town with a local company and paid up a deposit for the four of us.  The rest we were to pay to the driver.  He arrived about 20 mins late, blaming festival traffic.  To be fair, everywhere was heaving.  Our first stop was an old mine, which we were annoyed to find cost us an extra 30 Pesos.  We paid up and went in, as it amounts to about £1.50 each.

It was... well... I've never been blown away on one of these 'look at what they used to do here!' tours.  We were shown down a mine shaft which was about 50m deep and told all about the history of blah blah blah.  We were eventually told that the guides work for tips, thanks for coming.  Still annoyed at having to pay on an all inclusive tour, we all declined the tip.  The next stop was a sweet shop nearby, where they made sweets in the traditional blah blah blah.  We realised after about 15 minutes of hanging around at the shop that our guide had gone!  We sat and waited with the other eight people from our minibus.

Eventually he was driven up in another van, jumped out, had a quick chat with the driver and finally got back in his own bus and yelled "Everyone ready?".  Erm, yes.  For the past 15 minutes, actually.  He drove us a short distance down the road to a turtle museum.  As we pulled in he informed us that it would be x amount of Pesos to get into the museum.  At this point Ana decided to ask the driver why we were paying extras on an all inclusive tour.  "Ahh!", he said.  "All inclusive except for the museums.".  Some banter later Ana translated for me.  The tour consisted of visiting six museums and a number of shops.  We had been had.  Except we hadn't yet paid anything but a deposit.

"Viva la Revolution!" was our cry as we climbed off the bus, having instigated all the other passengers to complain and several to refuse to go into the museums.  The driver said he wanted us to pay.  We told him "Bollocks, we'll get the bus back!".  We left.  He sulked and swore a lot.

The bus back into town cost us a mere four Pesos, a bargain.  We decided to calibrate our uprising against the forces of evil by going to a bar and getting drunk.  As it got dark the bars filled up, but alas most of the clientèle were of the teenage persuasion.  Ana and I eventually left Alan and Jorge to chase women around while we retired to the hotel room.  I think it was about 5am before they blundered in and collapsed in a drunken haze.


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Roseann Malone ( Information desk):
January 19, 2009
Hi James, remember us at the Airport? LOL
I just found your card you gave me before you left and I thought I would have a look see.
My goodness looks like your having a great time, not sure how you get the time to keep this journal up to date with all the travel.
Don't know how much you know about whats going on here, but the airport is well on its way for the improvements now, although there is disruptions, things are going quite well considering.
Well take care and keep enjoying life.
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