Extended Tokyo Stay

June 6, 2009 - Bangkok, Thailand

It is still raining here in Tokyo. Looks promising that we will get to Bangkok tonight. Let's hope, as it is very expensive here in Tokyo. We were up most of the night talking with Northwest Airlines trying to figure alternatives to get out of here. We just need to keep our fingers crossed that there is room tonight.


June 7, 2009
Hope when you receive this you are in Bangkok! Enough of the airport "chesterfields"!!!
June 7, 2009
Hi my loved ones
I'm praying that all goes well for you tonite. Not what you needed for the beginning of your dream trip - but maybe it means everything from now on will be better than good! Sure hope so.
Love you lots.
The best friend EVER:
June 7, 2009
OOOOHHHH NNNNOOOO...sorry to hear u have a little bump in the road...hopefully u guys get out tonight..maybe u will get this in Bangkok...well miss ya all ready...hope u guys are having fun though...u r not missing much here..a little rain oh how about a little snow...crap maybe some frickn' Sun..u think...well keep up the pics loving them...take care of u guys and talk soon...Love ya lots....T & L
Marie Grabek:
June 7, 2009
One thing for sure, this is an adventure isn't it. Just letting you know that Amanda & Chris had their baby boy, and all is well. He was born on June 2nd and looks like a Maclean. You may already know from facebook.

I spoke on Joy this morning, so don't let your joy get robbed over this situation; try to enjoy yourself as much as you can.

Love ya, Mom
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