EuropeTour: Episode Three - Revenge Of The Soprano

September 4, 2008 - London, United Kingdom

G'day All,

I guess I had better finish the saga. I've come this far after all.

From Rome the tour headed to Venice. To be honest Venice wasn't all that great. Yeah it was pretty and we went for a gondola ride and got some good photos but that's about all that's going on there. We checked out St Marks Square which was not all that impressive either. The mosquitoes at our campsite were nasty buggers too, got eaten alive.

We left our tour group in Venice, they headed for Vienna, we flew to Berlin. Berlin was great. I've always been a bit of a history buff, and it's needless to say that Berlin has plenty of it.

Berlin 8Berlin 7Berlin 5Berlin 1

My patience is running out, I'm going to make this real quick now. Food and beer in Berlin was good. The highlight was a free concert in Bebelplatz where an orchestra played Beethoven's 9th Symphony. Unbelievable, thousands of people packed into the square to watch and listen. Ode To Joy as the finale sent shivers up my spine.

After Berlin we headed to London, I think by the we reached London we had tourist fatigue. Since being in London we've just done a lot of walking and exploring. The Natural History Museum was tops. We've checked out the other usual cheesy tourist spots Buckingham Palace, Big Ben and so on.

Now we're just sitting at our hostel killing a few hours until we catch the train to Heathrow.

I gotta go, sorry about the crappy entry. I'll do a proper on once I get back to Australia.

Take it easy.

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