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October 2, 2011 - Olomouc, Czech Republic

So it is already October and I have two weeks of class under my belt. The first week was highlighted with my matriculation ceremony, which initiated my class into medical school. It was a formal affair, which became pretty exciting for me when at the last minute I was selected to read the "Matriculation Oath" during the ceremony. I agreed to read the oath, since I don't mind public speaking and I figured it might look good for me to read the oath in front of the many important figures of the medical school. The rest of the ceremony went good and the day was even better because all the classes were cancelled due to the ceremony!

The rest of the week was mostly introductory as we reviewed how the classes were going to play out the rest of the semester, as well as important things we needed to know concerning the classes. That following Saturday had beautiful weather and I decided to go on a nice run. The run ended up longer than I had planned, but I had troubles turning towards home, because the scenery was so beautiful and the weather was so nice. A little over an hour into my run (which is usually the total length of time for my usual run) I decided to head to a little spa town a few miles further away. Already tired, I still pushed forward. Upon arriving in the town, i saw the naturally spring fed fountains and well kept garden area. I then went on an awesome hike on a trail that followed a stream and weaved in a wooded area up to the top of the hill. It was really cool to see such a dramatic change in landscape so suddenly. The area I live in is kind of in a fertile basin surrounded by foothillls, so most of my run was flat farmland and then I suddenly ended up on a forested hill! Spending a few hours hiking and observing the spa, i decided to head back. When I eventually arrived back home, the sun was starting to set and I realized I had gone about 30 km (~18 miles), which is the furthest I have ever ran before!

That night I ended up meeting a Czech friend, Petr, of mine for a game of Texas Hold'em poker. It was a good time and I met a bunch of his Czech friends. He eventually invited me to play poker with him and his friends a few more times later and I actually ended up winning one time! The time I won, I was getting very lucky and ended up walking away with just over $100, pretty good for the bad poker player I am!

My second week of classes went well and I started to get a little bit more of a routine in place. I'd have to say, one of the worst parts of moving and starting a new schedule, is finally getting a routine that you can get comfortable with.


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