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November 19, 2011 - Olomouc, Czech Republic

So, it's been over a month since I've written a blog and I appologize. It's not that I have been too busy, but it's just kinda been on the back of my mind.

This week I had a national holiday on Thursday the 17th for commemeration of the fall of communism. Communism fell after students in Prague started a protest against the communist regim and the prostest caught on light wildfire. Within a couple weeks the communist leaders resigned and a democratic leader was then elected. So no class on Thursday, plus my usual day off on Friday (I don't have classes on Fridays!) means I have a four day weekend. I guess you could consider this my Thanksgiving holiday, since in Europe there where no Indians and Pilgrims to be thankful for. However, next week (Fri. Nov. 25- Sun. Nov. 27th), I will be making my way to Dublin, Ireland to visit a good buddy of mine who is visiting there. He is going there with his younger brother, whose girlfriend is studying abroad there. I am really excited to meet up with them and see Dublin. It will be my first trip around Europe since starting med school, it will be a good way to clear my mind of all the information I have been absorbing. I am excited to visit the Guinness brewery and maybe the Jameson Whiskey distillary as well!

Also, since I've last spoken with you, I rejoined the Olomouc Rugby team. This is the same team I played on when I was here last time. I really enjoyed my time playing on this team and my teammates, which became good friends, are one of the major reasons I wanted to study medicine here. A few of the guys invited me out for a koleno and some drinks (the koleno is a giant pig knee that is roasted to perfection and one of my favorite Czech dishes!). At dinner, I remembered how much I missed the playing on the team and hanging out with the guys. I decided I had enough time to study and play on the team, so I rejoined! Two weeks later I played in a game in Ostrava, which is about 40 minutes north of Olomouc. We ended up winning the game and afterwords were hanging out with the Ostrava players. Being a Saturday, I had on my husker polo. One of the guys asked me in very good English, "where you from?" I replied, "From the U.S.A." After, more conversation I found out that not only was he from the U.S.A., he was from Nebraska. The guy ended up being from Clay Center, NE and attended University of Nebraska-Kearney. I couldn't believe it! It turns out that he ended up doing the same study abroad program I did, 3-4 years earlier, and fell in love with the Czech Republic. After going back to the U.S. he got his teaching certificate and now teaches in Ostrava! He even has a friend from Columbus,NE that he met in Ostrava as well. I couldn't believe what I was hearing, it was almost too rediculous of circumstances for us to run into eachother. It is really cool the people you meet in different countries, it also makes me glad I had my Husker polo on!

I also played in 2 other rugby games and I had pretty good games! The one game I had not only my first international rugby try, but my second and third. All in one game! The fall season is now over and we will resume play in April.

Med school is going well. I am adjusting to the teachers' accents and the style of education they use. It can be frustrating at times, but I am doing very well in my classes and my classmates ask me for help quite abit. If there are any questions about class or anything else, it seems like I am always the one they are turning to for the answer, so it makes me feel good about things.

If any of you remember my story that included the "mean old lunch lady", well I have some good news for you!!!! I have finally conquered the cafeteria. One day a friend asked me if I wanted to go to the cafeteria to get lunch. I was hesitant and only agreed to it if I would be shown how to properly use the cafeteria system. They said it wouldn't be a problem, so we headed to the cafeteria. When I first walked in I saw the "mean old lunch lady" and got a little nervous, but I put my faith into my friends instructions. Everything went without a hitch and I enjoyed a great meal! I also asked my friend about the "mean old lunch lady" and apparently she speaks very loud and it sounds like she is yelling at everybody, but even her way of being nice is loud. So, maybe I wasn't get yelled at the first few times I went, but I just couldn't understand what she was saying, so I thought I was getting yelled out! I am glad I can finally get cafeteria without fear!!




Sister Susan:
November 19, 2011
Ostrava - isn't that where we went?!
I believe I remember hanging a Czech Days flyer there!
Did the place look familiar?
Are you planning on meeting up with the NE ppl again?
How is the weather there?
Have a great time in Dublin!
Happy early Thankgiving!
See you in about a month!
November 21, 2011
Yes...I was wondering the same about Ostrava, but we went to Osvracin. I believe we saw Ostrava on the a sign for it or something because the name does look familiar. Very neat about the NE people! Have fun in Dublin and see you in a little over a month!
November 21, 2011
Enjoy your Thanksgiving trip and Happy 25th Birthday on the 5th.
December 1, 2011
No we never went to Ostrava. You might have seen the name of the city because it is a large city very close to Olomouc.

The weather has been turning cold, just above freezing. That's not that bad, but unfortunately it gets dark at like 4:15pm. That kind of puts a damper on the day. See you all this month!!
Sister Susan:
December 4, 2011
Must have just seen the sign then.
It gets dark here early too and the temperature is below freezing, so don't forget your winter coat!
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