Videos » Capoeira Salvador stylee

Capoeira Salvador stylee

August 10, 2011 - Salvador, Brazil

« Face first abseil down a waterfall!


September 8, 2011
Its no "ouch the shower's too hot" dance but i guess its pretty good...
Next time, its your south american Worm or nothing though. "Tequila worm" if you will. I thank you. Crack on.x
December 14, 2011
Not quite as terrifying as wantching you bungy jump off that bridge in France but it looked pretty scary. I did abseil forwards down the climbing wall at Stretton but I don't suppose it's quite in the same league!?
I'm not too happy about the continued references to my consumption of alcohol either - lay off miss!!
Love you lots - awe inspiring nerve continues to impress and frighten me to death! Take care. See you very soon now! XXXXXXX

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