Farewell San Francisco

February 3, 2008 - San Francisco, California, United States

Jo and I spent our final two days in San Francisco riding bikes over the bridge and checking out the fresh produce at the Ferry Building... at least the latter was out of the rain! Actually, the rain held off for most of our bike ride, too. We had a great time going over the bridge and visiting Sausalito, a beautiful little village on the other side of the bay from SF that reminded us of Albany. The bridge takes some time to ride across; a substantial part of it appeared to be uphill and although there was a bike and pedestrian lane, we were always dodging people.

One of my favourite San Francisco memories was the caberet show that we saw after the bike ride. It was a fast-paced comedy with sketches to well-known music called Beach Blanket Babylon Boulevard. It's been running for more than 30 years and the block of Green Street where the theatre is located has been renamed to match the show. Great laugh for all things political, with current events thrown in to keep it new and interesting. This show is a must for anyone visiting SF, and you can get half-price tickets in Union Square :)

My impressions of San Francisco are no doubt tainted by the poor weather; there was actually steam rising from the sewers and nearly all my photos feature my purple raincoat. It's a very liveable city, but I missed the trees (land is so expensive in SF that people build up rather than out and generally don't waste space with front gardens. There is quite a lot of parkland, especially near the water, but the city is very much concrete, bricks, timber and amazing architecture. I loved the history of the place, especially the fight for free speech (I read some of local poet laureatte Lawrence Ferlonghetti's poems and speeches while I was there) and the political views were definitely in line with my own, but this attitude also brought with it a huge issue in the form of homeless people, and it is simply impossible to ignore them. Instead of giving money to individuals, I made a small donation to Glide (see my links page) so my money could be put to better use.

I also saw San Francisco as a stop-over and introduction to travel before Jo and I got into the real backpacking adventure, that started when we headed for the San Francisco airport...

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February 13, 2008
G'day Katie....really like your blog...what a great diary....sounds as though you have really got into the swing of things quickly...

was touched by your donation to glide..I was also overwhelmened by the homeless people in San Fransisco...and other American cities for that matter...hard to comprehend...no social wlefare like we have...

We have a new manager called David Brewster ... he's a little dynamo...he's only about 5 feet tall...but good fun and very organised...actaully at my shoulder now, so have to go...

safe travelling Katie....love, Di
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