Abominable airlines

February 4, 2008 - Cuernavaca, Mexico

Jo and I have renamed American Airlines after our first plane in San Francisco was broken so we had to change to a larger plane, which left nearly an hour later and coincidently we missed our connecting flight from Dallas to Mexico City. Once can be understood, but our plane from Dallas was delayed for several hours due to technical problems, and then we sat on the tarmac while they continued to fix it, meaning our quick connection turned into an eight-hour ordeal. At least we got a free meal out of it.

My experience may have been tainted by the fact that I had to go through several additional customs searches than Jo at 5am in San Francisco International Airport. It seems that I drew the lucky number on my original plane ticket (I ended up being issued four tickets for the two flights…) and I had to go through a special machine that puffs air at you and checks if you´ve been in contact with explosives. Then it was the shoe search and the search through my entire hand luggage. Normally this wouldn´t have taken long, but I had packed my day pack with various items that I would need for the entire year and it was a little embarrassing. Flashbacks to the second Brigitte Jones movie, but nothing bad happened. Jo sat patiently as the customs lady thoroughly examined my worldly possessions, and then we headed into the terminal to start our day of endless waiting and phone calls to our Spanish school in Cuernavaca trying to explain that were were delayed several times, which was interesting considering they only spoke a bit of English and we didn´t speak much Spanish!

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February 15, 2008
Hey Katie

What a drama! Hope you are enjoying yourself now you are in to Spanish school etc. Not much news here - I'm busily recruiting graduates! Heading to Perth for Easter but that's about it.

Chat soon,

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