Quick update - Flores, Guatemala

March 7, 2008

It´s been hard to find time to get to an internet cafe, so I´m sorry that the blog entries have been few and far between. Also sorry that some people thought Jo and I just went to Taxco, that actually happened about three or four weeks before I got around to posting the blog. I want to write entries about different aspects of life as I come across them, which will hopefully make for better reading than yet another posting about where I am and how wonderful it all is. However, to break the rule before I start, here´s the last few weeks in a nutshell:

Jo and I finished at the spanish school in Cuernavaca and headed to Mexico City for five days. It´s nowhere near as scary as the guide books make out; we felt quite safe and had a great time seeing lots of interesting, and usually old stuff, including plenty of Rivera murals, Kahlo paintings and ruins, pyramids and historical artefacts. Then we headed to Oaxaca (pronounce it wa-ha-ka) and spent five days seeing the real Mexico - beautiful handicrafts, scenery, more old buildings and pyramids. We found out that we don´t like Mezcal. Back to Mexico City for a couple of days, then to Cancun, where we joined the Gecko´s tour. Info about the tour is available via the link on this blog, just go to the links section. We´ve spent several days snorkelling on reefs and swimming at amazing beaches, and we´ve crossed two borders. From Cancun, we headed to Tulum, then over the border to Belize, where we stayed on the gorgeous Carribean island of Caye Caulker. Think paradise, and check out the phots from this morning´s sunrise. Today we crossed the border into Guatemala, where we´ll be seeing more markets and old ruins over the next seven days, before heading back into Mexico. Two-thirds of our tour group will remain behind in Antigua, and we´re picking up a few new members. The group is great, and a real mix of cultures (Aussie, UK, USA, NZ, Israel, plus our Mexican leader).

It´s Jo´s birthday on Monday, so we´ll have to celebrate in Antigua. Her boyfriend Rob will be catching up with us when we return to Cancun, and I know Jo can´t wait.

So that´s it for the update, more interesting blogs to come, when I find the time! 



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Robert Merkel:
March 13, 2008
So, how's your Spanish?
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