Very quick update - Cuba is amazing

April 5, 2008 - Cancún, Mexico

I'm back in the world of computers after nearly two weeks in Cuba. Monday was an eventful day for Cubans - for the first time they were legally allowed to access the internet. It was also the first day they could stay in their own hotels and own a mobile phone. Things are definitely changing! There was internet access for international visitors to Cuba, but not for locals. It´s a bit weird that foreigners usually have more rights...
Anyway, Cuba was a fantastic place to visit. Haven't really got to understand it yet, but that's the whole point - no one really does.
The music and dance tour was true to it´s name. We learned how to salsa dance and play percussion during the day and then danced the night away. Santiago de Cuba and Trinidad are beautiful towns, and I love the historic old world feel of Havana. Check out the photos in several albums for more details! 



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April 5, 2008
Hi Katie

I found your blog - it's great. Got back to a cold and drizzly London last night at around midnight after a long delay in Havana then another one in Madrid as I missed my connection. Feeling a bit spaced out today and even though it is 6.30 p.m. my body thinks its around lunchtime!!!! Have just heard from Lynette and she checked out your site too. I have to confess to copying some of your fab photos to pass off as my own!!!

I know you are travelling so it will not be so easy to keep in touch but I will add this site to my favourites and keep track of your travels.

It was great getting to know you and if you are ever in London, get in touch.

Ciao, Anne xxx
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