Galapagos surprise delivery

June 9, 2008 - Puerto Iguazú, Argentina

A special thanks to the couple from Point Cook who just hand-delivered the postcard I wrote for my parents in the Galapagos. Here´s the email that I received from my Mum:

¨Katie you are not going to believe this, but I have just had your Galapagos Island post card hand delivered to me! A couple in their 40's knocked at the back door and handed me the card. They did not want to give me their name, but come from Pt Cook, and the lady works in the travel industry. They were going over to Nagambie and deviated via Yea to give me the card--- they wanted to hand deliver it rather than post it. They have done the Machu Pichu trip and only recently arrived home. I offered them a coffee down at the shop, but they had lunched at Marmalades. They told me the tradition of the cards, and were happy to make their delivery and move on. I'm gobsmacked!  Think the card probably beat the normal post delivery.¨

For those unaware of the tradition, no stamps are required for Post Office Bay. The idea is that you leave your postcard in the box and take someone else´s to hand-deliver, continuing the centuries-old tradition from before a coordinated postal service was in place. I picked up a postcard for someone in Germany and hope to track them down while I´m there in September. The postcard to my parents took less than two months to make the journey from the Galapagos to Yea; not a bad feat!


Not a bad lunch
View from the 8th floor, Botafogo shopping centre


Kevin & Maureen:
June 9, 2008
Just a note t say happy birthday for Tuesday. We enjoyed our trip nd we are nw enjoying yours. We take each eny into randma for he to read. The way you write you blogs, you shouldhave been a journalist. Oh, that's righ, you were. From Kevin Maureen.
Lisa Moore:
June 10, 2008
Happy Birthday Katie!! Enjoy the big 3-0, hope you're doing something special to celebrate :-) And keep the emails coming, I love reading about your adventures. Hope your day is special!! Lotsa love, Lisa x x x
June 11, 2008
Hi Katie - what a great story. Hope you have a happy birthday and are enjoying your adventure. Missing you heaps!
Derek & Camilla:
June 12, 2008
Hi Katie

We are enjoying your blog, nice travelling companions you have there with you. Are you travelling together or just met on the day?

We had the W/end with Sean, Colleen & Gabe, at the Echuca Steam Rally. You can imagine how much Gabe enjoyed himself with all those “Thomas the Tank engines” look-a-likes, Hoofing & Puffing around the track.
Camilla & I are flying out to “San Antonio” Texas, then up to Canada, Mon, 23rd June. It’s a pity we couldn’t catch up,just too fare apart.
But we will be following your blog as we go.

Have fun
Derek & Cammilla
June 16, 2008
Hi Katie

Happy Birthday fellow Gemini! Kelly forwarded me a photo of the hang gliding, so Roweena and I just logged onto your web page for a look.
Thinking of you and hoping your having a great time.

All the best
June 28, 2008
Hey Katie

Fantastic website of your trip! I've been enjoying the blog entries a lot - you write really well :).

And I've looked at all 346 photos as well! :)

Kristina Borgmeier:
September 22, 2008
Hi Katie, today I received the postcard you picked up at Post Office Bay in Ecuador. What a nice surprise! It took about 5 month to reach Germany, that´s not bad.
I enjoyed it very much to get the information about your trip and watch the pictures, as we like travelling as well and spent nearly the whole last year traveling around the world. So I am familiar with some of the countries you visited.
As you expect, the city I am living in is a small one, but in Germany a small one could have 30 000 inhabitants. Hattingen is situated in the industrial area of the river Ruhr and there are o lot of real big cities around us. That´s why Hattingen is not very famous.
Well, thank you for delivering the postcard and have a good trip
Kristina Borgmeier
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