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I spent eight years after university living and working in Western Australia and recently returned home to the Victorian country town of Yea. I decided it was time to do that travel I'd always been daydreaming about, but instead of the usual 'big trip' to Europe, I thought I'd see the bits less travelled; Europe will always be there but some of these other coutries are changing daily. Mum's comment rings true: I'm packing the mosquito repellant, not the perfume.

I hope to use my travels to further my writing career at some point in time; not necessarily while I'm on the road, but more likely when I return, so please abide by the copyright set out in the terms and conditions on this site, and enjoy the journey with me!

About my trip

I've decided to take a gap year away from work to see the world - you know, all those places you read about in school and look at in atlases. My itinerary includes Central and South America, Africa and Asia, with stop-overs in North America and Europe. A lot of ancient civilizations, history, culture and natural environment stuff. Think Mayas and Aztecs, Incas, cradle of humankind in Africa, Egyptian pyramids, Galapagos Islands, Nazca Lines, Igazzu Falls (time permitting), Victoria Falls, Fish River Canyon, African safaris, gorillas, epic journeys including the Trans-Mongolian Railway from St Petersburg to Beijing and overland from Beijing to Kathmandu including the new Tibetan Railway, and cultural/spiritual visits to Abu Simbel, Mt Sinai and Varanassi as well as learning Spanish in Cuernevaca and and salsa dancing in Cuba.

I'm travelling/backpacking with my friend Jo for a couple of months to San Francisco and through several countries in Central America, and Jo's boyfriend Rob joins us for the Cuban leg of the journey, before they head north and I head south. Much of my travels will be in small groups with companies such as Gecko's, GAP, Dragoman, Vodka Train and i-to-i. All the links to the tours are in my links section. My map indicates where I'm going, although some of the dates are a little hazy because they're en-route, and a couple of places are a 'near as' choice because a few locations weren't in the database, but it's enough to give you a rough guide.

Visited countries

Argentina, Australia, Belize, Botswana, Brazil, China, Cuba, Ecuador, Egypt, Germany, Guatemala, India, Jordan, Kenya, Malaysia, Mexico, Mongolia, Namibia, Nepal, Peru, Russia, Rwanda, Singapore, South Africa, Swaziland, Thailand, Uganda, United States, Zambia. (29 countries, 14%)

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