Last days and coming home

November 21, 2007 - Seoul, South Korea

:( Our stay in Vienna is over. We are just about to fly home. I have had such a great time. I learnt heaps from my days at Uni with Bettina, we saw some incredible places and met the nicest people.

On Sunday we went to the Belvedere Museum and saw the famous Klimt painting, "The Kiss". It was beautiful. The colours he uses, including shimmering golds and silvers contrast so nicely to form and almost 3D image. We also stopped of at the Christmas markets in the city. It was a cold night with snow on the ground, nonetheless there were people of all ages walking around, enjoying the food and drinks (mainly alcoholic) and generally being festive and enjoying the Christmas vide.

The stands selling food were great - Dyl and I tasted some more sausages from the grill. We had a kasekrainer hot dog (this is Dyl's favourite sausage - with cheese inside it), flat fried bread smothered in butter and garlic, hot punch (this is the alcoholic Xmas drink), hot sugared almonds and maroni (roasted chestnuts). Yum and alot of fun. There were also many stands selling Christmas ornaments, bath/pamper products, CDs, etc.

I had my last couple of days and the uni on Monday and Tuesday.


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