The homestretch!!

May 26, 2009 - Bratislava, Slovakia

 Hey guys! Can you believe that I am home, in Boston, in 5 days??? I think I'm going to die. I'm here at Andi's house in Bratislava right now, she's in class so I'm just chillin out for now, going to get some reading in.. it is a beautifullll day out. It has definitely been an adventure up until now, and has definitely been really hard to say goodbye to everyone, especially those who I know I might never see again :( But the past few weeks have been awesome and jam-packed with stuff, which is how I like it! haha, so here's what I've been up to:

-Hung around in Prague, explored, hung out with friends, did homework, studied for finals and presentations

-Went to Cesky Raj (Czech Paradise), the first and largest nature preserve in the Czech Republic located just a couple hours north of Prague. We went for my Landscape Sociology class as part of our final, and it was absolutely beautiful. I'll have to show you pictures when I get back!

-Last week in Prague- goodbyes, finals and presentations, packing up... I can't believe it!

-Took a train to Andi's last Friday- went with her and her family to their summer place in southern Slovakia on the Hungarian border, where we also saw her brother compete in a motocross competition! I had never been to one, and I didn't even know that motocross was that popular here, but it is! It was really fun and interesting, mostly because it was such a local thing that I was literally the onlyyy American there. pretty coool.

-Andi and her family are driving me back to Prague on Sunday for my flight back home! wow.

It has been the most amazing and rewarding experience living in Prague for the past 4 months, and being able to see all of the places that I have been to. I accomplished my dream that I set for myself when I was around 8 years old: to see the world and travel and live with ad experience different cultures. I never dreamed that I would do it when I was so young, and I really am truly grateful to have been able to. I will miss everyone soo much, but it is time for me to be home. I can't wait.

BOSTON here I come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

See you soooon!



P.S. I just want to say THANK YOU to Andi and her family for letting me stay with them this last week. It's been awesome to just be with them and see Bratislava one last time, I'm really going to miss it! But I love them and couldn't imagine my life without them- they're the reason I'm here! So, thank you for everything :)


Uncle Joe:
May 26, 2009
Marissa - we're so happy to have you back in the USA! Glad you had such a good experience. You're a lucky young lady & we are proud of your accomplsihments. Keep up the good work. Love you - Uncle Joe/Aunt Mary and the gang.
Aunt Laurie:
May 26, 2009
Sounds like you had a wonderful experience. Thanks for letting us follow along. Have a safe trip home. Love Aunt Laurie, Uncle John, Tyler, Jake, and Owen.
Nana & Pup:
May 28, 2009
Hi Marissa, Loved reading all about your experiences and the wonderful places you've seen. We're really excited your coming HOME, can't wait. Have a wonderful and safe trip home. LOVE YOU!! NANA and PUP
Auntie Tara:
May 28, 2009
Hey Marissa! It must of been great to see Andi and her family. Tell her we say hello! This was definitely a trip of a lifetime, we are so glad that you were able to experience it. Brianna keeps asking when her cousin Marissa will be back from vacation! We all can't wait to see you. Enjoy your last few days there and have a safe trip back. Love Auntie Tara, Uncle Bobby and Brianna
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