Seychelles and Shows!

April 9, 2010 - Zanzibar, Tanzania

It's been a while since I've posted a blog... things have been pretty busy!  We have been spending countless hours on the new show we are doing, so in my free time I sleep. 

-Port Victoria, Seychelles-
We got to Port Victoria at 5pm on April 1st.  I had bingo and then had to socialize for a while.  There was an organized crew outing to a club called "Tequila Boom" so we all hopped in shuttles and and went to this giant club.  It was nice to have all the crew get to get off the ship and hang out together.  There was a random fashion show on the dance floor with models from the Seychelles.  It was interesting...  I took a shuttle back around 2am, which was the earliest, so we could get up and enjoy the next day.
The next day I had crew training for about 5 minutes and then took a cab to Beau Vallone Beach in the Northern part of the island.  The beach was stunning- I think prettier than French Polynesia.  The actual beach part was much bigger than the other beaches we have been to.  We went on a banana boat and the guys pulling us purposely made us fly off twice.  The first time, Vanessa and I smacked heads and I still have a bruise on the side of my head.  Other than that it was fun!  I snorkeled a little bit with the Ballroom Couple, Igor and Natalia, but the water was kind of murky where we snorkeled and seemed oily.  That was kind of a let down.  The whole day we were there these 2 dogs sat with us and would run at and bark at anyone with dark skin.  It was really bizarre to us and then our cab driver back told us that the dogs are basically racist and only like the tourists, not the locals.
We had to be back to decorate for the deck BBQ.  Then we got ready and headed up for the party.  The deck parties are always great because the food is sooooooo good.  I usually eat about 3 lobster tails and a ton of sushi, because we never get this stuff otherwise.  YUMMMMMY, much better than a PB&J in the mess.

-Praslin Island, Seychelles-
We left Port Victoria early in the morning and got to Praslin Island a few hours later.  Vanessa needed some bathing suit shots for her agent in Nashville and I told her I'd come help her and Andy, the guitarist who was going to do her shots.  We set out very early, took a tender to the pier and then a ferry to La Digue Island.  Just looking around was amazing.  The seychelles aren't like anywhere I've ever been it's like a very unusual paradise.  La Digue was a lot like Fire Island, except there are some cars and ox carts.  They got some photos at a beach near the ferry then we walked and eventually found these 2 fishermen who let us pay them to take us out to these rocks in the middle of the water to take some more pictures.  They were nice enough to get us out there in their little boat and wait for us and then take us back.  It was a fun experience to hang with the locals.
We walked back to the center of town and rented bikes from this guy Sammy.  He had dreadlocks and gave us flowers for our hair and took pictures with us, it was pretty funny.  We biked to a beach to see if the rest of our friends were there.  Vanessa and Andy took some more pictures and I hung out with the bikes and checked out this really cute bat in a cage by this roadside stand.  It was adorable and would poke it's fuzzy little head out of the cage.  We hopped back on our bikes and headed to the National Park on the island.  On the way, however, my bike broke and this man on the side of the road fixed it enough for me to get back into town where our friend Sammy gave me a different bike. 
It was 10$ to get in to the National Park and we parked our bikes and walked along the water looking for the rest of the gang.  Meanwhile, we were walking by probably the most beautiful landscape ever.  There are these huge granite monoliths just poking out and then trees interspersed and then the beach.  The water was of course, clear and the whole thing was absolutely breathtaking.  I loved the beach there.  We cooled off in the water for a while and then headed back walking in the shade of the monoliths.  We ate some lunch at a local restaurant with some great fresh juice. 
Then we got back on our bikes, stopped at a little tortoise enclosure.  They were pretty big and slow, but I love turtles so I enjoyed it.  After we took some pics we got right back on those bikes and headed back to the ferry.  That's when we finally met up with the rest of the group after all that.  It was pretty funny. 
During the whole time we were in the Seychelles, at night on the ship there was a special dinner event called "Jimbo's Truck Stop Diner".  A passenger from Oklahoma started it a couple years ago (Jimbo) and it's been a hit ever since.  Basically everyone dresses up as if they were going to a truck stop or a diner.  The cast decided to go as trailer park trash for fun.  I was "Miss Trailor Park 2010" spelled wrong, with a crown and a sash and for kicks I was also pregnant.  I had found these horrific clear shoes in the costume storage that I wore, and finished it off with my fake hair ponytail from the shows.  We all looked pretty funny.  We were split up half and half and each group went 2 nights out of the 4.  They served hamburgers, meatloaf, ribs, cherry cobbler, pumpkin pie.  It was a fun time and all the passengers dressed up and danced with us. 

-Port Louis, Maritius- Reunion Island-
Because of heavy pirate activity we couldn't go to Kenya or Tanzania.  We were all disappointed but it's most likely better we didn't sail into pirate-infested waters.  Since we had been working on our shows, I didn't do much in the newly added ports.  One night me, Vanessa, Kaitlyn and Erin were up until 3am cutting out skirts for the Hairspray number and then the next spent some time at the tailors serging and sewing the skirts.  We've also been in tech rehearsals at any moment the theater is free, so it's been a little crazy.  We did 2 tech runs of the show on the 7th and then a crew show/dress rehearsal that night at midnight.  Meanwhile I was feeling a little under the weather and noticed white spots on my throat- the doctor gave me some medicine and things are better now, I'm just exhausted! 
Opening night for "Sailing Through Broadway" was April 8th for the passengers.  I helped Beckie make these adorable invitations with Stars on them and the names of all the world cruisers and we delivered all of them to the 250 or so cabins.  They have seen our other production shows for about 5 years and still come even though we know they are bored, so we wanted to dedicate our new show to them so they have something new to see.  They loved it and it was the first time we had a packed audience and a huge standing ovation.  Passengers and crew are still telling us it was amazing.  Our shows don't really show how much we can do and I think the passengers realized that.  We put in a lot of effort and it totally paid off.  It felt great!  I'll try and get some videos up at some point.

We have some sea days to rest up and then we are going on the crew safari in Richard's Bay, South Africa.  Which I am VERY excited for!  Also, currently Forbidden Broadway is on the ship performing and I'm going to go see their show tonight.  There's a lot of Broadway entertainment going on on the ship right now, and everyone loves it.  Things are going well, my legs are cramping from my 3 minute Riverdance solo in the show... It's been a while for me to do that much irish dancing, but it feels good!  I'm probably going to sleep any chance I get for the next few days.  In about a month I get to see Mom and Dad!!!  Then, NYC for a day to see Erin and friends!  NY will just about be the half way point of my contract... crazy!

I'll blog again after South Africa!


April 10, 2010
love reading this blog. I feel like i am on the trip with you. wish i was! I need to see your riverdance solo. what steps did you do? down a half a down a half a down a half batter? lol! with your hands on your hips? know what i speak of?
April 10, 2010
I did most of the standard steps, that butterfly one I always do. I did it in soft shoes so I didn't do the flashy down a half a batter step hahaha. It was really tiring because it was 3 minutes of non-stop dancing- I'll try to get a video up of it!
May 21, 2010
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