End of the Baltic, London and Quaint Villages

September 12, 2010 - Bordeaux, France

September 10, 2010

The last cruise was a repositioning cruise, which are my favorite because there's a few random stops.  So, the last Baltic cruise had a full (non embarkation!!) day in Copenhagen, Oslo again, and Amsterdam once more.  The only unfortunate part of the cruise was when we had to skip Tallinn.  We had some things we wanted to get, but because of the weather we had to skip it, it was sad.

Other than port things, we've gotten yet another cruise director, our 5th changeover of cruise directors!  We had Jamie, Lorraine twice and now Dionne, who is really sweet and used to be a dancer on Regent!  It's going to be a nice last 3 cruises.  We're all excited for these new ports, but still counting down the days until October 17th.



-Visby, Sweden-

Our last Visby was a delicious one.  It was Erich's birthday and luckily we docked.  We all went to brunch at this place that made crepes and galettes, which are savory crepes, but assembled more like a pizza.  They were amazing.  We all split 2 sweet crepes too.  The little restaurant was adorable and apparently a hot spot for locals.  Our waitresses were soooo nice and explained the entire menu since it was in Swedish.  After we ate, we headed back to the ship because we were leaving fairly early that day.  We also had good ole Champagne that night.  I had a busy afternoon since it was my turn for games and a half sea day.  I did some skittles (carpet bowling), tea time socializing, Bingo and the show.  It all went smoothly and after the show was Captain's Bingo.  None of us won, but we wore fun hats for Erich's birthday and everyone looked at us like we were crazy.  It was a good time.


-Copenhagen, Denmark-

I was really exited to have a day in Copenhagen, where we didn't have to rush back for embarkation or something.  So, Erich, Nic, Erin and I went to Tivoli, the amusement park.  It was overpriced... but it was what Walt Disney modeled Disney World after.  He pretty much directly stole the 'It's a Small World' ride.  We went on all the rides and had a great time, and even found a Coldstone!  We had our Bond event for the first time in a while that night.  Only 3 more times!


-Oslo, Norway-

In Oslo, Erin and I were on a mission to get Beckie's birthday present, and we got it thank goodness.  We rewarded ourselves with some internet and amazingly good pastries at a place called 'United Bakery'.  We met Beckie there and did our computer things and then we set out to find the shipping company that my dad had sent a package to for me the last time we were in Oslo (July 3rd...)  The address turned out to be around the corner from where we were and when I went in, I talked to a woman for a second and then this man came down the stairs saying "Kelsey Emmett!! Kelsey Emmett!!" holding my package.  It was hilarious, the woman was going to bring it to the ship later that day, but luckily I saved her a trip.  They were so nice, I like Norwegians.

After my success we walked around and shopped and actually found an American candy store.  The woman who owned it turned out to be from Connecticut, so crazy.  We spent way too much money on our American sweets, but that's Norway for ya!  We took some pictures around town and then headed back to the ship.  So show that night, so we had some time to just hang out.  Beckie and I played around in the costume locker for a while, flipping on the bars like monkeys, which made us sore the next day.  We also started an art project of painting the Russian stacking dolls.  It's so hard!  I made one for my sister, it's so cute, but it took a long time and was very tedious painting on something so small!  It was nice to just hang out and paint and relax.



This was our first scheduled sea day since June 30th. We did have the unscheduled sea day in Tallinn, but this one was our first planned since the 30th.  Same old thing, rehearsal, Captain's Farewell, and Sailing Through Broadway.  I had Bingo and worked on my painting a little more.  Pretty standard sea day!


-Amsterdam, Netherlands-

The last day of the cruise was Amsterdam.  We were only there until 4pm and it was a cloudy and somewhat rainy day.  Me, Erin and Beckie took the tram into town and then walked around helping Beckie find some last minute gifts for friends she would be seeing the next day in London.  We got some waffles, because that's a specialty there and they were so yummy!  We walked around for a while and then had to head back to the ship.  It was another nice and easy day with those two, just wandering until we get lost and then finding our way back with something yummy in our hands.  It's a fun way to travel.


-Dover (London) England-

I was so lucky, because I was off of embarkation in Dover, and it was Beckie's birthday.  Erin was also off, so the 3 of us got up at 5AM, were able to get off the ship before anyone else and get on a 6:30am train to London!  The train was so much nicer than mine at home!  Beckie's mom met us at the station and we all went and had a little breakfast.  We walked around and took the subway "Tube" to see the London Eye, Westminster Abbey, Trafalgar Square, Buckingham Palace (the Queen was home!), Covent Garden and some of the West End.  It was a short little tour, but so fun and it was such a beautiful day.  We took pictures everywhere, and I really enjoyed every minute of it, I really like the people I've met here!

We met up with 3 of Beckie's friends at a restaurant and we all had a really great meal.  It was funny to be surrounded by Brits and now I see how she feels in the cast of 9 other Americans!  It was so nice to see Beckie's mom again, it's amazing how lucky Beckie was that her birthday fell on the day she could get to London.  Erin and I had to get back to the ship, so we headed off around 2 and hopped on a train, sleeping the whole way back to Dover.  I can't wait to go back to London, it's a really cool city and I barely saw anything!

We had drill and block party and then relaxed.  I set up a little lounge crawl for Beckie, to meet 2 cast members in each lounge at different times.  She went to Carly's show in the Horizon Lounge as one part and then Erin, Kaitlyn and I decorated the Officer's Mess with fun decorations we got in Amsterdam.  We got a great cake, best one we've had for a birthday, and some Malibu and pineapple juice.  Everyone put their presents out and then when she came in we had noise makers so we could be as loud as she is :-)  It was fun, and she liked all her presents and her favorite 'jam cake'.  I was exhausted from the whole day, but was happy she had a good birthday.  I fell slept pretty well...


-Honfleur, France-

The night before Honfleur, the Captain made an announcement that we couldn't make our time to get in to Honfleur and that we would be docking in Le Havre, France instead.  The tours were all the same, but you had to take a shuttle or cab to Honfleur.  Well, Kaitlyn and I read that Honfleur was the most beautiful port in this area so we wanted to go.  3 of the other cast people took the train into Paris, but since I had just been to London the day before and I've seen Paris (twice!) I didn't go.  So, Kaitlyn, Beckie, Erin and I splurged on a cab to Honfleur.  It was well worth it.  It was such a cute little town, I loved it.  Tons of little shops down cobblestone streets and cafes along the water.  The buildings were so old and all different and mis-shapen.  We took a lot of pictures since it was a beautiful day as well and we had a great lunch.  We treated Kaitlyn to lunch because she took on extra duties in Dover so we could all get to London.  She's so sweet!

We did some window shopping (I wanted to buy jams and cider and things, but they weigh a lot...).  Then we hopped in a taxi and went back to the ship.  I had to socialize and door greet, but once again I was exhausted.  It's like the World Cruise again where were in a new place every day and collapse when we get back.  It will make the time fly though!


Home so soon!  I'm going to try and update more often since I'm in new places, but like I said this traveling stuff wears me out.  I'll do my best!

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Nancy (Auntie):
September 15, 2010
I enjoy your adventures so much. I know you are anxious to get home, but I will miss your journal!
By the way my grandkids loved the cards, as did their mother. Thanks sweetie, you're the best. love you
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