Macaron, Tapas, and Nearing the end...

September 29, 2010 - Santorini, Greece, Greece

This was our 3rd to last cruise, and we were excited and ready for a change.  My first time to allof these ports, so I was ready to break out my French and have a great time!

-Bordeaux, France-

I was so excited for an overnight in France, we hadn't had an overnight since our last St. Petersburg.  The first day a bunch of us wandered around the city, the weather was beautiful.  We past by a circus and so we got tickets to see it later in the day.  We kept walking around, taking pictures and enjoying the old French buildings and cobblestone streets.  We stumbled across a chocolate shop, so I had to go in.  I got some Macarons of course.  They were much better than Honfleur, and I enjoyed my 8 little cookies throughout the circus.  Speaking of the circus, it was amazing!  It was a genuine, European circus.  I thought it would be an hour or so, but it turned out to be about 2 and a half.  There was a balancing act, pole climbing, juggler, tight rope walker, all sort so animal acts including the big cats!  It was really cool, because it was exactly what you used to see in movies as a typical circus.  For 10 Euros I definitely got my money's worth plus more!  So much fun.

After the circus, we walked a little more and then headed back to the ship to eat and get ready to go out.  We drank some wine on the ship so we wouldn't have to spend too much out in port and then walked into town.  It was a nice walk along the water and we found a little cafe where we had another glass of wine.  Afterwards we came across a English pub, it was a fun and rowdy place, where we had another drink.  I didn't stay out too late that night and enjoyed sleeping after a fun first day.

The second day, we went out to find brunch.  We found a cute little cafe and had some salads and sandwiches.  It was nice to have really fresh and flavorful food!  We walked around town for a while again and ended up at the same chocolate shop we had gone to the day before.  I got some more macaron and tried a "kouignette" it was pistachio and when I heated it up later when I was back on the ship it was so yummy! It was kind of like a cinnamon bun but a million times better and more flavorful.  We walked back to the ship and came out for internet since we had a late night in port.  It was a lovely 2 days in Bordeaux.


-St. Jean de Luz-

Since it was a tender port, it was very busy getting off the ship, so we stayed and sunbathed on the crew deck.  It was a nice relaxing day!


-Bilbao, Spain-

We had rehearsal in the morning for Listen to the Music and then Beckie, Erin and I got off and just walked around the area.  There was a nice walk by the water and we saw all these interesting old houses and mansions.  It was a cool little city.  The actual city part was a little run down, but we found some yummy pastries and gelato and had a fine old time.  There was this big bridge, we wanted to go up to the top and look around but a man was yelling at us in Spanish and so we got nervous and ended up just walking around the city.  We weren't actually in Bilbao, that was a somewhat longer shuttle ride and we wouldn't have had a lot of time to see anything, just the Guggenheim from the outside, so we chose to wander as usual!


-La Coruna, Spain-

La Coruna was a fun, diverse day.  First, we walked around the town and then went to the beach for a little while.  I didn't want to lay out for that long, so while everyone else did I walked along the beach, it was a beautiful day.  Afterwards, we found a Tapas restaurant, since we heard that La Coruna was the place for tapas.  It was delicious and fun to try all different things.  We asked the waiter to just bring us his 5 favorite dishes, so we weren't necessarily sure what we were eating, but it was all good.  We walked all around town, over to a fortress by the water and then back over to the ship, where I was meeting Beckie since she had had afternoon game duty.  Me, Beckie and Kaitlyn, went back out to town to get some internet and some more tapas.  We ended up at McDonalds for internet, and then this cool little place in the Maria Pita square.  It was clear school had just gotten out because the whole square was full of kids playing, riding bikes and enjoying the great weather.  The tapas were great and then we had to head back to the ship.  Very nice day in Spain!


-Oporto, Portugal-

I had a ship day in Oporto.  We had drill and rehearsal in the morning, so I didn't have a lot of time to get off before I would have to come back for games.  It was nice to have a day to myself, do laundry, catch up on pictures and everything.  The rest of the dancers went into Oporto for some Port wine tasting.  Kaitlyn brought me some chocolate, she's the best!  We had Champagne that night.  I'll be excited to not do that show anymore out of all of them, it's just boring for us dancers because we have a lot of down time between numbers so it seems like the longest show ever.  Oh well, so soon!


-Lisbon, Portugal-

In Lisbon, we took the shuttle into town and then walked all the way up these hilly streets to the Castelo St. Jorge.  We had a photo shoot all over the castle, it was a great time.  It was such an old castle and you could just wander around.  Beckie, Erin and I veered off after a little while and went back to town for lunch.  We also found a Starbucks, which was great because it had been so long!  Woo hoo!


-Valencia, Spain-

In Valencia, we didn't have really great weather, but we made the most of it.  First we took the shuttle in to town and walked around and then got cabs to the city of Arts and Sciences.  It's this giant complex with an aquarium, science museum, dinosaur exhibit, and an IMAX.  It was so big and the architecture was really amazing.  We decided to go to the science museum, so like little kids we wandered around playing with everything and having a fine time.  It was perfect since it was down pouring outside.  From there we headed back to the ship before Beatles night.


-Barcelona, Spain-

Once again the weather was not great.  I planned to do some shopping but that didn't happen since we didn't want to walk around the in the rain that much.  We did walk quite a ways before it rained too much to the Sargrada Famiglia which was a cathedral that Gaudi designed and is unfinished.  Supposedly it will be done in 2026.  It was sooo crowded, so we just took pictures outside and then walked all through town back to Las Ramblas and found a little restaurant for Paella.  This cute little man took care of us and we had some wine and a big skillet of Paella, yum!  We found a Starbucks afterwards for a drink and then Kaitlyn and I headed back to the ship to dry off.  We had Sailing Through Broadway that night.  It was our first without Lorraine (our previous cruise director) doing Cabaret, so it was yet another version of the show.


-Marseille, France-

In Marseille our main goal was internet.  We walked around by the water for a little bit and found a Starbucks, but the internet wasn't free so we went to Hagen Daaz which it was free and they served crazy ice cream dishes, which I was totally okay with.  I talked to my parents online and posted some pictures, got a magnet from an unfriendly French woman and then we headed back to the ship for the last night of the cruise.


This was a really cool cruise with all the French and Spanish ports.  Being our 3rd to last cruise of our contract, we our 4th Cruise Director and 5th Captain changeover.  Our new cruise director, Dionne used to be  PGT dancer like us and is from South Africa.  She's a sweet heart and we really like her.  The caption, Gianmario, we have had twice before.  He told us we weren't crew any more we were "inventory".  Crew members keep leaving and coming back saying, "You're still here?!"  It's pretty crazy.

2 more cruises with 2 sets of our shows left it's just crazy.  This last bit will fly by, we're excited for it as well as getting to go home!


September 29, 2010
This sounds like a great couple of weeks. I guess the love of eating runs in the family!
See you soon..
sarah Kaye:
September 30, 2010
valencia sounds awesome! I don't blame u about being excited to find free internet all over the world. but i am sooooo jealous about the circus. cant wait to see pics!
Nancy (Auntie):
September 30, 2010
Kelsey, what can I say. You are bringing back so many memories for me. I'm glad you went to see the circus. You remember that I traveled with an Italian Circus for 7 years! Great experience. Maybe you will get to see one in Italy too. I also worked at the Casino Esteril in Lisbon, Portugal. I was in a beautiful dinner theater on Ice in Barcelona for a year. That catheral was amazing, but I also didn't go inside. Loved Barcelona!
I hope you get to spend a little time in Venice before you fly home. It is so unique. Buy yourself a pair of Italian shoes! Their clothes are great too. Sorry this is such a loooog comment!
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