Italy, Pompeii, and Donkeys!

October 12, 2010 - Agios Nikolaos, Greece

-Monte Carlo, Monaco-

Our 22nd cruise started off in Monte Carlo.  I woke up with a cold, so I just worked embarkation and didn't have time to get off/ needed to sleep it off. It was a pretty normal embarkation, except that with the strikes going on in France many flights were cancelled and people came late or had to meet up with the ship the next day.  We had Listen to the Music (2nd to last!) and then bed, we were exhausted.



-Florence/Pisa (Livorno), Italy-

Carly figured out how to take the train to Florence, so we woke up much earlier than normal to get off the ship right when we docked around 7.  We took a cab to the station and got a 7:30 train!  It was just the girls, and we had a fun girls outing.  It was a really beautiful day and we walked around scoping out nice leather bags.  We made our plans over lunch (I had pesto pasta) and then went on a mission.  Kaitlyn bought 3 different bags that were really nice, I got myself a hand bag and a present for my momma ;-), Beckie got a nice leather weekend luggage bag, Erin and Carly both got handbags as well.  It was fun to pick out different styles and now I finally have a nice leather bag.  They all make fun of me because I always carry a small bag and couldn't understand what to put in a big purse.  Needless to say, I've figured out how to stuff it so I feel like it's worth having more than a little purse.

We got gelato twice during the day and found some cool cathedrals, squares and bridges.  I really liked Florence, more than the next day when we were in Rome.  It's more confined and easier to get everywhere.  Both cities are very different and interesting.  We hopped on the train back and luckily didn't have any shows so we were able to just relax and I could try to get over my cold!


-Civitavecchia (For Rome), Italy -

The train station in Rome was close to the ship so we walked and it was a quicker trip than the day before.  Again it was an early day, but we were ready.  We walked to the Vatican and took pictures by the Basilica.  Carly, Erin and Sharmaine went in and Kaitlyn, Beckie and I walked to the main area of Rome.  We wandered around the streets, got some gelato, saw the Pantheon, and met the other girls at the Trevi fountain.  We all went for lunch (I shared pizza and raviolis with Beckie) and then walked to the Coliseum.  We passed by all these ruins that were so cool because they left them in these areas as they were.  I really like when they don't rebuild and everything or try to move uncovered items because it's just so much more real when it's just there.  I love this kind of history and site seeing as opposed to museums.  I also loved learning about Roman history.

The weekend we were there was an Italian Heritage, Patrimony weekend so we got to go into the Coliseum for free.  That was a nice perk since we're all trying to save a penny or two.  We walked around and had photo shoots all over the gigantic place.  It was so fun, crowded but fun.  Rome is really hard to do in one day, so I let myself just enjoy the bits and pieces, knowing in the back of my mind I'd be back one day.  After the Coliseum we had to catch a train back so we'd be back in time for the pier side Welcome Back that we do for the guests sometimes.  We basically all just stand in a line down a red carpet and clap as the band plays "When the Saints Go Marching In".  The guests love it because they feel special, it's a cute little thing.

Yet another exhausting day!

-Sorrento/Capri, Italy changed to Napoli-

We were supposed to go to Sorrento/Capri but because of weather we ended up in Napoli.  I had signed up for the tour to Pompeii and it wasn't changed so I got up for my tour which was just a little later and helped with tour dispatch.  It was pretty hectic because everything had changed just that morning and Destinations had to re-organize all of the tours.  It took a while for the ship to get cleared since we hadn't expected to dock there.  I eventually got off on my tour and I was so excited to see Pompeii.  I've always wanted to go to Pompeii since I had learned about it in school and it didn't disappoint.

It took about a half hour to get to the excavations and when we got there I was a little taken aback by all the touristy things outside.  There was a whole jewelry shop and restaurant and tourist booths.  It made it look kind of cheesy, but once we got through it all we got to the actual excavations.  I had a tour group of 44 people so it was a little difficult to keep everyone together especially when our tour guide, Mario kept walking when not everyone was behind him.  It was crowded but we were able to see such cool things.  We saw a bakery, the red light district, bath house, and all sorts of things.  It's just amazing how well everything is preserved and how advanced everything was.  I kind of knew what to expect but it was still so interesting to see it up close.  They even had a 'Beware of Dog' mosaic in a houses from entry way, it was just so cool.

After our tour of the ruins we had a tasting of limoncello which is the popular liquor of Napoli.  I also got some gelato of course and then we headed back to the ship.  It was a good morning.  I met up with the girls and we headed in to town to get some pizza.  I also had a little pastry and tried a cannoli, all delicious!  It was a good day.


-Amalfi/Positano, Italy           changed to Taormina, Sicily-

Because of the weather we had another change of itinerary.  We ended up being in port with our "sister" ship The Regent Mariner.  We had heard about it and so we took the tender over to the ship.  It was very different than the Voyager and I like our ship better... :-)  After that we headed into town and had some pizza and little cakes, walked around and got some ice cream.  Erin and I took the bus up to Taormina and just stayed on it to ride back to the tender.  It was a rainy day so we were ready to get back and relax.



-At Sea-

Sea days have been few and far between lately so it was really great to have a day that was on the ship (and free!).  I just had Bingo, Captain's party and Ballroom Bravo.  We've been having fun with our last few shows so it was a good sea day.  Only 1 more scheduled sea day left!



-Santorini, Greece-

Our first Greece port was Santorini and it was the first hot day in a while.  We took a tender to port and then had quite the journey ahead of us.  Since Santorini is built on a hill you either have to wait in an hour long line to take the funicular up, get a donkey, or walk.  We weren't about to wait with a million passengers and Beckie felt bad for the donkeys, so we walked.  Boy was it a walk- not as bad as I thought, but still it was steep and hot out.  You have to be aware of where the donkeys are because when they come around the corner they do not stop and they will run right into you.  You also have to be wary of the donkey poop.  It took us about 30 minutes to get to the top, which wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to take.

Once we got to the top we found a place that rented out ATV's.  We rented 2 and Beckie and I hopped on one and Erin and Kaitlyn on the other.  We drove them along the coast to Oia.  It was so fun and I was fairly confident on it since we had been on the ATV's in Namibia.  When we got to Oia, it was beautiful.  All of the white houses built into the mountains were just so cool- exactly what you see in pictures but even better in person.  We strolled around the streets looking in shops and taking pictures.  We stopped for some ice cream and then got back on our ATV's.  We drove back to the main town, stopping every now and then for pictures and then returned our ATV's before having a little lunch.  I got a delicious fresh apple juice and baklava!  yummy.

Unfortunately, we had to get back down the hill somehow.  We decided to walk again.  Walking down was almost harder than going up because the smooth stones were slippery and the incline was steep.  I felt bad for the donkeys, they were slipping all over on their way down.  It didn't take long for us to get to the bottom (when we told passengers we walked up and down they looked at us like we were crazy... they all took the cable car up).  We took the tender back and then had to get ready for the sail-away party on the pool deck.  Sharmaine did her cabaret and we all hung out and chatted.  It was nice.  I loved Santorini!

-Rhodes, Greece-

In Rhodes we had a crew drill, dept. meeting and then we walked around town to look for the beach and internet.  It was a cloudy day and so we just found a place for internet.  I had to get back for games so I didn't spend much time out.  I also had Seven Seas Society cocktail party and then we had Beatles.  All in a day's work.


-Kusadasi, Turkey-

During the day we walked around Kusadasi.  We were constantly haggled by men trying to get us to buy things and it got very annoying.  Once we got away from the port it was better.  It was me, Erin and Kaitlyn and we just wandered for a while.  Kaitlyn and I were planning on going to Ephasus the next time we would be in Turkey.  That night it was one of Elda, our Assistant Cruise Director's last nights with us and we went out to a Turkish dinner.  We have grown so close to Elda since she was our ACD during the World Cruise and then again until October 3rd.  We had a really really good meal- grilled meat, vegetables, hummus, baklava.  It was a really great night.

-Mykonos, Greece-

In Mykonos, me, Kaitlyn, Beckie and Erin took the tender into town and went shopping for a present to give to Elda.  Mykonos was such a cute little town, confusing, winding streets made things interesting, but we had a nice time just finding new streets.  Once we found the gift for Elda, we found a little Swiss restaurant specializing in crepes.  We sat and relaxed before we had to head back to the ship.  We had Sailing Through Broadway that evening so we figured we should go get ready.  Mykonos was really really beautiful.


It was a great cruise, finally we had made it to the Mediterranean.  I was excited to go back to the ports we would be repeating and also excited for our last cruise!  Keep tuned to my blog, because things started getting very exciting...


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October 12, 2010
oh wow are you back now?? if so congrats!! sounds like a cool cruise this time around.
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