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Hey everyone!  Welcome to my travel journal.  I'll try to update as much as I can when I'm on my adventure around the world.  You can sign up for email notifications so that you can know when I have updated.

Also, if you have been to any of the places on my itinerary I would love to hear about places to go, things to see and anything else you think is worht sharing!

Hope you enjoy! See you next September!

About my trip

The reason this is all happening is because I got hired to dance in the productions on the Regent Seven Seas Voyager cruise ship.  There are about 700 guests at one time and about 450 crew members.  My cast has 4 female dancers, 2 male dancers, and 4 singers.  We will be doing 3 shows "Champagne", "Ballroom Bravo" and "Listen To The Music".  We also will have some staff duties which is basically socializing with guests at cocktail hours and dinner.  The great thing is we can get off the ship at almost all ports and get to see the world!

Visited countries

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