Jo'burg and Gabs

July 1, 2008 - Gaborone, Botswana

Woke up early on Saturday to head to the mall to use the internet because free hostel internet still not working! On shuttle to mall got chatting to Korean chap called Kay. He's a bit of a pro traveler as sounds like he's been to most places in the world. He's brought his newly married wife along this time. When I got back to the Hostel watched some TV and read my book. Got chatting to some English lads from Bristol Uni who were over on holiday for a couple of weeks. Headed to bed about 11:00 to dorm room that's slowly growing on me.

On the Sunday headed back to mall in the afternoon as very little else to do in Jo'burg. With a population of nearly 9 million people living in here it's by far the largest City in Africa, you would have thought they would have a little more to do than going to the malls. The simple truth is the City has one of the largest ghetto's in the Southern Hemisphere and is drastically run down around the edges and the City Centre is no more than an oversized business district. Watched movies and fottie final in the evening.

Monday got chatting to a couple of blokes who are making an independent documentary on HIV/AIDS in South Africa. They gave me some pretty nasty stats on the subject, which is enough to put anyone off sex or drugs for a very long time! Paid room bill and headed to Bus Station in Afternoon as was getting the bus out of South Africa and heading to Botswana. The 8 hour bus journey was pretty uneventful apart from experiencing a real border control. On the Botswana side the soldiers had AK-47's and there faces were covered by scarfs so you did not know who was shooting at you. Saying that Botswana fortunately has one of the lowest crime rates in Africa due to strict government punishments and a particularly good economy. Not so good for the bank balance though. On the bus met a chap from England Pete, some young lads from Scotland wh9o were on there gap year and a girl from America, Lea. When we got to Gaborone, the Capital, we decided to head to a camp site on the outskirts of the town called City Camp. 8 of us crammed into one room to keep costs down (this was going to end up being a poor decision for my back). Headed to a local bar called Bull and Bush where we partied with the locals. David who helps run the campsite came with us and we met a chap called George who was later to take us to a club called Fashion Lounge. In Bull and Bush we had dance off competions with the locals, and it was at this point I realized how little rythum I have and how much African people have. Got to bed about 4am in the end.

Woke up early today due to hard floor and being very cold (sleeping bed maybe small but it's rubbish at keeping you warm!). Headed into Town with Pete and Lea for internet usage and food for Braii (barbecue) tonight. Managed to walk around the entire city center in about 30 minutes. Thats how small this place is. Botswana only has a population of just over 2 million people, with 250,000 of them living in Gabs (short for Gaborone). The lonely planet describes the city as a capital with growing pains, and that's pretty accurate description (turns out that is one of the few things the book does get right about the country!). Headed to Museum and had a look around the government buildings that are very unimpressive. The magistrates court is a wooden shed! In the evening we cooked up a pretty impressive Braii and headed back out to Bull and Bush for a game of pool.

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July 12, 2008

Good to hear from you, sounds like you having a ball, enjoying the pics .... and the crazy pub crawl humour !!

Take Care

Shelly and Heidi x x
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