August 4, 2011 - Taipei, Taiwan

Ahh, a 4 day trip to Taiwan... who would think a visit to Taipei, a crowded city full of cars, taxis, scooters and people would feel like a "get away" vacation?  Well, that is exactly what it was as I headed out last Sunday to spend 3 1/2 days in our office in Taipei.  I think a good way to put it is that both China and Taiwan are a bit chaotic, however, Taiwan (Taipei) just seems to have "organized chaos" - it feels like a large city and not so foreign in many ways.  The one thing I love about Taipei is the food and being with locals, I was able to enjoy the smaller spots, not fancy, some you wouldn't try on your own without a guide but all delicious.  My lunch and dinners consisted of dumplings, noodles, hot pots and the freshest fish/seafood you could have as you picked out what you wanted (many items still alive) and a few minutes later it's on your table.  Nothing too crazy this time as the last time I was in Taipei I got to "check off" chicken feet, stinky tofu and "pigs blood on a stick" and those delicacies were just fine once!

I headed back to the night market last evening with Peter and just love walking through the crowds, seeing all the things the market has to offer and experiencing the culture.  We ended our evening with a 45 minute foot massage which actually is quite painful.  However, upon completion, you do feel a bit like you're walking on air.  I told Peter to tell the woman performing my massage to "go easy" so I cannot even imagine what it feels like to "live like a local."  Ouch, and if all those painful spots on my feet and lower legs have something to do with my internals, then my insides are a wreck !!

I am now back in Suzhou and moved into a new hotel near our office.  Not as many amenities as the hotel we stayed at in Suzhou Industrial Park but nice nonetheless.  I do miss our washing machine so I'll have to figure something out.  There is a large wooden tub in a spare room with a chair swing so maybe that will become my new washer with a little elbow grease.  In some ways, it's nice to be back and tomorrow I can walk to work.

Based on business back in the U.S., I have decided to return home a bit earlier than originally planned.  I am a bit torn since I do feel I am finally making some strides here at Anguil Asia, however, I cannot deny I miss Jamie and the kids.  My understanding of the working environment, their issues and hurdles will also help me continue my work once I return, so all in all, I think getting back home is the best decision.

I'll blog again if I have some good stories about living in the country.  I'll download some new photos and then get some sleep to "take on the day" tomorrow.


Ali backhand
Nick tennis swing
Some days you don't feel like yourself
Suzhou Starbucks


Sara B.:
August 4, 2011
Great slideshow! You are way more adventurous than I could ever be with the food! How do your internals feel as a result of the foot message? Notice a difference?
Susie Wienke:
August 5, 2011

I stopped at Nick's rummage sale the other day and Austin bought a Brewer's Sausage stuffed animal! He was hoping Nick had the entire set, to no avail:)It was fun to visit with him and a couple of his friends. What an amazing time you have all had...be safe and enjoy the remainder of your journey in China.


The Wienkes

The Wienkes
August 8, 2011
Hope you made it through your weekend. Mom said you were pretty solo. Reading some good books? Any yoga? Don't forget the myyogaonline site! We spent the day in Oconomowoc for the Speich Olympics. Pretty crazy, as usual. Lots of fun and now tired kids. Miss you a lot.
Let's try to Skype this week.
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