berlin - part 1

October 2, 2010 - Berlin, Germany

our first day in berlin was spent being tired and bumming around doing things like laundry (ever used a laundromat with german instructions? interesting...) and second-hand book shopping and walking around the neighbourhood near our hostel. (which, btw, must be the nicest hostel EVER)

on friday, we went on the NewEurope free walking tour, which was really good. our guide was dutch/american and he told us lots of interesting things about berlin (i'll more about it in the photos) we saw/learnt about: bradenburg gate, reichstag, hitlers bunker, memorial to the murdered jews of europe, book burning memorial, checkpoint charlie, potsdamer platz, memorial to the victimes of war and tyranny, ss headquarters, berlin wall, tv tower, museum island, pariser platz etc.

on the way into the city that morning there was an older business woman with leather pants on. pretty weird! the berlin train system is great, there's the s-bahn (overground) and u-bahn (underground) and the map looks likes london's tube map, with coloured lines and the names are easy like 's9' or 'u2' etc.

i cooked risotto for dinner that night, it took forever but it tasted pretty yummy (german supermarkets have everything written in german - of course- so thank god for pictures!)

saturday we took a stroll by the east side gallery, which is the largest remaining part of the berlin wall. they invited local and international artists to paint the wall after the Fall, in 1990. some of these paintings were restored in 09.

we then took the train to potzdamer platz, which was a non-event (the sony center was a bit of a let down!) so we walked through the large park, Tiergarten, in the middle of the city. its huge!! quite beautiful.


east side gallery,
east side gallery
east side gallery
east side gallery
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