berlin - part 2

October 4, 2010 - Berlin, Germany


on sunday we went to the Jewish Museum, of which the 'permanent exhibition' was truthfully quite boring. i think if you were jewish, or liked their history, it would be much more entertaining! we had also gotten tickets for the 'special exhibition', which was about the jews and forced labour. they've pretty much been persecuted by other races for centuries, not just WW2. not sure why, but everyone wanted to pick on the jews. the special exhibition was more interesting, but quite tedious towards the end.

today, monday, we went to the riechstag, (parliment). it's free, and theres a huge glass dome on the top which you can queue up to see. it took about 2 hours, through security checkpoints and xrays, and at the end of it all the view was nice but in my opinion not worth the hassle!!  you do get free audio guides though, which is nice. (if you actually listened to it, which i didnt :p )

the hostel staff are lovely, and even though we checked out this morning they've let us stay in the hostel, use the wi-fi etc while we wait to go to the airport. our place leaves at 2.50 to ISTANBUL (woohoo!) so we can check in at 1am. probably another sleepless night, but thats what happens when you want to save money by going to the airport the night before :p



jewish museum
spaced-out architecture!
theres hundreds of these all over germany,
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