a craking time in krakow :p

November 15, 2010 - Krakow, Poland

our second day in krakow, we walked through the old town, where we walked down the oldest street in krakow, and also past the house where Pope John Paul II lived. he has been the only slavic and polish pope to date, and born with the name Karol Jozef Wojtyla.

we continued on to the Castle on wowal hill, where you could walk around and see quite a lot without having to pay anything (score!) the views of the Vistula river were nice, but it was more entertaining to watch the two drunk guys walking around singing drunk songs with a big happy grin on their faces. we went down to the river-side, where the fire-breathing statue of the Wawel Dragon is.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Smok_Wawelski < wikipedia can tell you all about it : p

there were a few souvenir stands, containing numerous dragon soft toys, and i sat there wondering how on earth they could make a living out of flogging dragon toys to the limited tourists that went by. surely they can't?

we then walked by the river until we got to the old jewish quarter, kazimierz. it is now the trendy part of krakow, full of cool little cafes and clubs. i've forgotten the proper numbers, but before WWII it was home to tens f thousands of jews, and 60 years after the war, there are still only a few thousand living here.

we went to the cmentarz remuh, a jweish synagogue that is still active, beside an old, old jewish cemetery. scott had to wear one of the little jewish skullcaps (kippah) to cover his head, as that is their culture.

from here we walked to oskar schindler's former factory, emalia. at first we thought it was an old, run-down building that we saw, as there wasa sign pointing right at it saying ' emalia 150m'  and we couldnt see anything else. it didnt look like the one in the movie though, so we weren't sure! walked further down the street (After taking photos of what we thought was the factory) and found the historic museum (the actual factory!) we were too late though, as it had closed at 2pm, but we found out later that normally mondays are free. we walked back to the hostel and.... i cant remember what he had for dinner. pizza i think! with cheap chocolate that tasted quite nice : p



horsies in krakow
krakow architecture
the oldest street in krakow
on the way to the castle
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