schonbrun palace, vienna

December 1, 2010 - Vienna, Austria

it was cold, it was snowy, and it was windy, but we still hadn't seen the schonbrunn palace! so off we went the next day, wednesday, to see what all the fuss is about :p

the schonbrunn was used as a summer palace, designed by Fischer von Erlach on earlier models like Versailles. there were two tour options available, 22 rooms for 9.50 euro, or 40 rooms for 14.40 euro. the shorter tour misses out the best rooms, so if you were going to do it you may as well go all the way. we didn't do either :p which mind sound silly to some of you but oh well. i bought a few postcards instead, and decided i could read books or google it to see what it looks like inside.

some of you might remember a gig i did with the williamstown rsl pipeband just before i left- andre rieu? he is a famous dutch violin player who came to australia in 2008. he travelled with the johann strauss orchestra, and also with the southern hemispheres largest stage - a replica of the schonbrunn palace! he needed 100 pipes and drums for his melbourne show at the telstra dome, and willi rsl was asked if they wanted to be involved. we marched from the back of the audience down 2 aisles to the stage, had to march up onto the stage, and up the stairwells on either side of the ballroom (it was a big stage!)

being at the actual palace reminded me of this gig, as it looked exactly the same! except at the andre rieu concert, the stage looked like the front of the palace but with the wall removed in front of the ballroom, so you could see into it, with it's chandeliers and everything. it also had 2 ice skating rinks on either side of the stage, and 2 fancy fountains which we also saw at the real schonbrunn palace : )

we walked around the grounds (in the snow!) and made snow angels. we saw the Gloriette, a monument on top of a hill facing the back of the palace, and would've loved to do the maze but it was closed : ( they also have a zoo there!

we went back to the hostel then, as we were quite cold (walking in snow half way up to our knees and throwing snow balls at each other made us quite cold and wet!) and sat in burger king for an hour or so with coffee and hot chocolate, people-watching : ) we bought buns and chicken schnitzel from the supermarket, and made schnitzel burgers for dinner (you can't leave austria without having schnitzel!)


scott with some random sausage
snow plow
schonbrun palace
and yet more xmas markets!
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