bratislava two

December 4, 2010 - Bratislava, Slovakia

once the jewish population of bratislava had been annihilated by the nazi's, the communist authorities tore down most of the jewish quarter and built the 'hideous'  SNP bridge, now known as the novy most or new bridge. it has one support column, leaning at an odd angle, on top of which is the UFO, a 'pricey penthouse cafe'. looks like the starship enterprise, and costs about 9 euros to go up and see the view. its was bloody windy and bloody cold up there on the bridge, and we decided not to go up and to go to the castle instead.

the castle, described in our guide book as 'a giant box built in the fifteenth century, burnt down by its own drunken soldiers in 1811 and restored in the 1950's and 60's.' it wasn't open when we were there, but you could still walk around the grounds and get great views of the snowy city while walking on the icy cobblestones or freshly-fallen snow. we got our photo taken by a friendly austrian man (who knew!) and slowly froze into human ice cubes.

we wandered around and slowly made our way back to the hostel, via a big book shop with a pretty good english selection, and also by the christmas markets, to see the tree all lit up. we would be in morocco for christmas, so we wouldn't be enjoying the snow and cold and christmas trees with everyone else (instead enjoying the sun, the warmth and the moroccan culture!)

i think this was ultimately a pretty lazy day, because i have no more to write!



yes i do!
wandering around the city
the ufo!!
big ferry coming in on the river danube
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