malaga, spain

December 5, 2010 - Málaga, Spain

on sunday we had our flgiht to malaga, spain with ryanair (the worlds favourite airline!)

before we left for the airport, we had fun using the massage chair at the hostel, only 1 euro for 8 minutes! I want one at home : p either that or a personal massuse! we then we caught the tram and bus to the airport, which was small and very quiet! some of the flights before ours had been cancelled, but luckily ours was fine. We checked in, along with a bilion other ryanair passengers, and boarded a while later. on ryan air, you dont get seat numbes, so unless you pay extra for priority boarding, then you line up with all the others and hoe you get to sit next to each other! its a bit of a mess but so far we've been fine : ) it was a full flight, and I slept for most of it.

Malaga was MUCH warmer than bratislava! We could walk around just in hoodies or even t-shirts, at 11pm which was so nice after -8 degrees! (to be honest i think it was colder than that but i didnt check the temp)

the directions the hostel gave on their website were wrong but we managed to get there in the end, the bus driver didnt kow any english and I didnt know any spanish (except a few insults!) but it was fine. they had big christmas lights hanging up all the way down the main streets, which loked really pretty, and being spain, and 11pm, everyone had only just started coming out for dinner and drinks : ) so we weren't surrounded by drunk bums in the middle of a new city. just drunk locals.

we eventually got to the hostel after waiting an hour for the bus, and it was really nice : ) it was in a beautiful old building, and had a lovely courtyard out the front and two terraces out the back with a bar. We walked back towards town and got chips and a burger for dinner, and ate it in the hammocks in the courtyard. It reminded me of home, because there was also a few lemon trees and the air was warm and smelt like jasmine! Just like summer in newport : )

it was a shame to leave so early the next morning for our bus to seville, i def. want to go back to that hostel!


alf was on the key to the luggage room!
bratislava airport
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