arriving in seville!

December 6, 2010 - Alcalá de Guadaira, Spain

our bus arrived in seville about 12 noon, where we met sami and nuria! they walked us through seville to a bus stop which would take us to alcala da guadairia, the town where they lived, and updated us on what happened on colonsay after we left, and what they had both been up to since getting home. they also went on a roadtrip around scotland in a hire car after they left the rock, and turns out they went to the same hostel in inverness where that dodgy reception guy was, who had a ripped t-shirt and looked like he was an angry man on steroids! Haha what a dodgy character!

Nuria hadn't told us it was her birthday either, 22 years old today! Happy birthday : )

we arrived in alcala and walked to sami's flat, which is a really cute little place with a sunny courtyard. It's painted with blue and pruple walls, and has bright green plants everywhere, so it's nice a cheerful : ) the kitchen and bathroom are on the other side of the courtyard, and there and 2 bedrooms, (one for sami, one for his flatmate) and a living room. perfect size! I want one at home : p

we walked into the living room and met Trappy (thats how you say it but im not sure how you spell it!) which is the name of the little dog who sami is looking after for his friend. she was wearing a woollen sleeve like a dog jumper and had a plastic satlite/collar thing around her nexk, because she has a skin problem and can't scratch herself otherwise she'll start bleeding. but you can imagine she was a bit of a funny sight : p she's so sweet through! sami told us that her name basically means 'selling stolen goods' or something like that haha the best dog name ever!

sami and nuria showed us around their town, and the first stop was a restaurant/tapas cafe, which was really busy (it was a bank holiay) and had great food. sami pointed out the jambon serrano, which is a leg of ham that has been rubbed with salt and wrapped in a bag and left to hang for about 2 years. it's not the prettiest thing in the world, but we ordered a few slices (6 euros!) and it tasted soooooo good. Sami and nuria are both vegetarians but he said he had even tried a slice once, and enjoyed it.  sami ordered a plate of prawns for us all, which cost only 5 euros! Its so bloody cheap here, that would cost about 30 dollars back home!

a popular drink in spain, especially in the summer, is soda/lemonaide or fizzy orange juice, mixed with red wine. its quite refreshing, and the four of us had it once on colonsay when we found a bit of red wine and mixed it with our coke (at machrins farmhouse : p sat and drank it in the sun while eating lunch, yummy) we drank this with our lunch. we also had a massive plate of friend sea food, which easily fed the 4 of us. I think it was only 12 euros!

after our lunch, we went for a walk through the parque de san francisco, where we walked by the river which used to have clear water but is now a light muddy brown, as there is a plant up river who empties all of their waste into the water. nuria said they get fined for it all the time, but paying the fines is cheaper than paying for a way to dispose of it properly! that sucks : ( this river has old mils all along it, as the town of alcala used to supply seville with all of it's bread, and they made it right here by the river, where they used the water mills to crush the grain (nuria please correct me if i'm wrong!)

there are heaps of stray cats in the park, but they aren't starving because someone feeds them biscuits, we saw trays of them sitting under some bushes. lucky fat cats!

it started raining while we were on a hill with a view of the town, and we headed for a cafe that sami and nuria knew about. it was new, and designed with furniture from bali! while we were here the rain started pouring down, it was crazy! sounded really cool though. not so cool when we had to walk through it to get home, but we survived : )

sami made spanish omeltte for us for dinner, which was sooooo good. they also had some paella left over from the night before, so we had that too, along with some sliced tomatos which had garlic, oil, cheese and maybe vinegar on them? either way they were tasty. sami worked in the kitchen on colonsay and a few times he made a spanish dinner for us, so having him and nuria cook us some food while we were staying in seville was awesome : ) spanish food is fantastic!

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