getting to granada

December 8, 2010 - Granada, Spain

nuria, scott and i caught the bus into seville the next day to pick up our hire car.  we were going to hire it in nuria's name, as we figured she would be driving it most of the time (scott hadn't driven on the right side of the road before) but it as an extra 50 euro or something for drivers under 25, so we put it under scott's name instead and hoped there wouldn't be any accidents! (nuria came up with a good excuse for the police if there was - that scott had been driving but was tired, so nuria had swapped with him. who knew if it would work, but in the end we didn't need to bother because there were no accidents :p)

we hired from, which was a bit of a walk from the bus but quite easy by car, its right there where the highway meets the city. we paid extra for zero excess, just incase, which wasn't too much when splitting it amongst four people. scott drove out of the car yard, and ended up driving all the way back to samis. nuria and i were both nervous about it (scott too, no doubt!) and there were  a few close calls. the round abouts here are bloody huge and  have about 5 lanes in them -in lisbon they even have traffic lights IN the roundabouts-so its always a bit of a shit fight in there when its busy. a red light was almost run, and a car almost scraped from driving to close (though i'm sure scott would't agree! "i know how to drive!" ) but we made it back to sami's in one piece (including the car :p)

nuria drove from the town to our lunch point halfway to granada. i think most people on their way to or from granada decided to come for lunch too, (it was a restaurant-type place) but it wasn't too busy. we got a seat outside after the waitress (who was either in a foul mood or was just like that naturally) finally took our order. the sandwhiches we had were tasty and big, and we soon set off again, this time with scott daring to give driving a go. he was fine, of course, and didn't need all  of the backseat driving (though we all throught he did) im amazed he didn't go ape shit about it! (i would've)

getting to our hostel in granada was an interesting experience. scott was driving, nuria and sami were discussing where to go in spanish, and no one seemed to be looking at the map (which had the hostel on it...) we got there in the end, after expeirencing the delights of the granada traffic (not!) for over an hour, and were relieved to park the car (we found quite a good spot, for free!) the hostel was compact, on three stories, and had a great terrace with tables, chairs, and a sofa/bed like space with lots of pillows. we had a room to ourselves (certainly paid enough for it)  and bathrom right outside (which people felt the need to smoke in, even though the front door was about 3 metres away! idiots)

we went out for tapas and drinks for dinner, and granada is the best place for it- buy a beer and get a free tapas!

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