A Day in Perth

December 7, 2010 - Perth, Australia

After walking the boys to school Sheri and I set off for the train station and went into Perth city.  It was a day to get our bearing and gather information on how best to get to the Zoo and Freemantle later in the week.  We were going to go to Rottnest Island today but the weather forecast wasn't good so as it was an expensive day out we decided against it and we are going to head back into Perth to do the Open Top Tourist Bus (let's hope the rain clears away a bit later).

After we picked up the kids from school it was busy and we spent time playing ball and taking photos etc until dinnertime.  It is always chaos at meals, and then bath and bedtime but fun all the same.  I have just taken a reluctant Harry to school this morning with promises of a ferry trip and the Zoo tomorrow.  He is only at preschool so only goes two days a week so the rest of the week he will be coming with us which will be great.

This morning we had a very quick Skype video linkup with Toby in Edinburgh who was happy to see all of them.  We have a longer one planned for tomorrow.  He is snowed in and unable to get to work as there are no buses running because of the horrendous weather over there.

Just getting ready to head off on another sightseeing day.  The weather is to clear up towards the end of the week with 35 forecast for Saturday so we might be able to squeeze in a couple of beach trips.



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