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December 11, 2010 - Perth, Australia

We set off into Perth on the train yet again, this time to meet Kaye.  We both arrived at the station at the same time which was well-planned.  We had an early lunch at a lovely coffee shop right on the Swan River.  Afterwards we went to feed the seagulls and there were a couple of black swans, one of which didn't appreciate when the food was finished and it chased Sheri and Harry.  We walked up through the city to the main station where we saw Kaye off on her train to Midland and then we went and caught our train back to Whitfords.

We decided to head off to the beach in the afternoon which is only a couple of minutes drive from the house.  It was such a beautiful day but unfortunately the persistent wind makes it very uncomfortable anywhere.  We braved the conditions and Harry spent about an hour in the water splashing around.  It was too cold and windy for Sheri and I but we enjoyed the sun.

We were going to have fish and chips for dinner by the beach but eating outside in the wind is pretty impossible.  So we brought the fish and chips home and then after dinner we took a drive up the esplanade to Hillary's Boat Harbour to watch the sun go down over the Indian Ocean then had a walk around before heading home.

Today (Saturday) is tball day for Spencer and Cooper but we packed up and went to the fields only to find that all the games had been cancelled because the Carols by Candlelight were being held on the oval tonight and they needed to set up the fireworks.  That was a bit disappointing so we did a detour round by Cottesloe Beach and along the Swan River near the city for a bit of sightseeing tour then a detour via Myer to buy a Christmas tree which we are going to decorate tomorrow.

This afternoon we have Cooper's birthday party at a local park so we are keeping busy.  Sheri and I are just about to head out for lunch on our own in the hope that Harry will go down for a sleep before the party.

Tomorrow night we fly home so it will be a long day and night but we are looking forward to getting back to a warmer Brisbane.



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December 13, 2010
You've had a great tip Rose and Sherri. You have come back to more rain - don't think it will ever let up. Sue-Anne had her wish and we managed to have the wedding ceremony on the beach on sat and some photos before the rain came, so that was good.

Have a wonderful Christmas and I will catch up in the new year and hopefully I will have some wedding photos. Love Leonie
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