Homeward Bound

May 19, 2014 - Canmore, Canada

Hi there. It's Revy.  I just realized we had never documented the final dog leg of our journey.  After we left Kaslo we began making our way home.  There was much discussion over which direction to head in and what new smells would be found in every option...but we felt that our epic journey was coming to a close and we could explore new adventures to new destinations at another time.  Where we had just travelled was so special that we did not feel the need to do any more.  It was hot and sunny as we pulled into a familiar and favorite camping spot just south of Invermere BC.  The campground was not very busy and we had our selection of prime camping spots.  We found a nice grassy one with the perfect mix of sun and shade.  It was another long day in the portable dog house (which included another boat ride) so an afternoon of comfort was welcomed by all.  We even got to go swimming...the exact beach area that Koda learned to swim at.  It was so much fun and I think we all felt our adventure was coming to an end...albeit it wasn't discussed much...that we just took in the moment and individually reflected the memories we had all made.  As we sat around the campfire looking back on our journey we decided to head for home the following morning.  We all had a new appreciation for each other and for all that we were able to experience over those 2 months.  The next morning we packed up the portable doghouse one last time and enjoyed the familiar sights as we neared our own beds.  The realization that we live in one of the most beautiful places in the world was surreal as we pulled into our Rocky Mountain piece of heaven.

We have had many little journeys and new experiences since and always find ourselves reflecting on our Alaskan Adventure.  I have an itch....well ok 2 of them...and I believe that we may before long let our noses follow that familiar path back north and see who else has visited the territory of Revy.

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