At My Second Home

March 19, 2011 - Montevideo, Uruguay

Since I Last wrote I´ve covered quite a bit of ground.

I went to Carnaval and It was amazing! I ended up going with an english builder named Wayne who is 42, 5´7¨, and bald. so pretty much spent carnaval partying with an english version of my dad, except I don´t think my dad would get up to the trouble this Wayne does. Wayne danced so much he got asked by the police to enter the carnaval then was taken into the church at the end of the carnaval route by the presidents daughter. We also managed to get into the carnaval route at several points. overall a great weekend which was marred only when a bolivian pushed me and my Aus friend nikki down a flight of stone steps when he found out I was american...she broke my fall and has 7 large bruises and a black eye to prove it.

After carnaval I went with Nikki and two of our mutual Aus friends to Isla del Sol for 2 days. after that I headed down south through Bolivia to Sucre the capital city and enjoyed the scenery. from Sucre I headed to the mines in Potosi which was probably one of the most bolivian tours I took. we took Dynamite, cocoa leaves, and 96% drinking alcohol as gifts for the miners. they found out I was a firefighter and some drinking ensued in the scariest underground area I have ever encountered. right before we left we lit dynamite in a tunnel and only retreated 40 yards which I was told was a safe distance and it did turn out to be.

I then headed for the borderand hopped into Salta Argentina. went for a few day hikes there and went out to a dance show dinner. I met a couple of travellers to head to the waterfalls of Iguazu. my pictures nore my description will do the falls any justice as this  park is truely one of the natural wonders of the world. awestruck by the power of water!

From Iguazu I came down to Buneos Aires and came back over to Montevideo to come see my friends and stay at what I am now considering my second home, Piedra de Afilar. It seems unreal to me that I left this city 5 months ago as now it seems as familiar as my home in the states. I have 15 days left in south america and that is also odd to me that I feel like my trip is practically over since I have met many travellers who have only two weeks in all of south america. I am going to stay here the rest of the weekend then head up to the beaches in northern Uruguay to relax before I return and my hectic fire fighting season starts.

Pictures of the last 2 weeks are coming soon



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June 15, 2011
KEITH!!!!! We miss you guy! Are you back home by now busy fire fighting?? We´re in Brazil with friends and Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador and Colombia are still to come. .... North America already in our minds for the next trip....
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