Koh Phi Phi Islands

October 16, 2009 - Phuket, Thailand

 On our last day in phuket we treated ourselves to a day out to the Phi Phi Islands...said to be one of the most beautiful places on earth and they didnt disappoint! we got a cracking day for it sun was out all day!  went to the 2 main islands phi phi leh first then phi phi don.  first stop was maya bay...famous because its where the film the beach was set, and it is beautiful,  pure white sand and crystal clear waters surrounded by sheer cliff faces and jungle behind us, you could see why it was chosen, and I wanted to see Leonardo diCaprio stroll along the beach haha!

after that next stop was a beautiful lagoon used in Jurrasic park 2 and we got to jump of the the and swim about for a bit, was beautiful!  back on the boat we then seen a monitor lizard swimming through the water...i dont think I would've bee too happy if that happened while i was in the water though!!!

next stop was monkey bay were  we got to hand feed wild monkeys (but they are tame!!) and take loadsa pics of them!theyre were lovely so friendly!

after that was our first snorkelling stop in the coral reef, our tour guide took the people who could swim well into the main coral part to look out for sharks but we didnt see any (i was actually quite surprised i was wasnt scared by this and darren was keen to see one!!  after that we had lunch at another bay resort....and then it was back on the boat again...

our final stop was kai island (known as coral island) and relaxed for a bit on the beach and then our tour guide took some of us off for more snorkelling....this time though you had to be a swimmer because the coral was in most places only a 20cm or so underneath us, it was amazing, we went shark hunting again (i don't know why the alarm bells didnt go off in my head!) and were swimming about for ages.  after about 10 minutes i seen a shark and yes for a split second i froze but i was fascinated and then it was gone...i turned around to darren to see his face and reaction....and he was looking the other way!!!! so he didnt get to see it!! i sure did though and I won;t forget it! it was over a metre long, a black tipped reef shark.  darren was disappointed he didnt get to see it though! after that i was on the constant look out for them but there was none to be seen, the one that i did see was swimming away from us so i dont think they like to coe up near humans making splashing noises (or i hope!)

that was the end of our day out and got back to shore happy but exhausted! darren went to the beach and caught the last of the sunset (which i missed!) then it was off to get ready to leave phuket...

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