Bangkok once again!

October 21, 2009 - Singapore, Singapore

 well flew back to bangkok from our lovely relaxing week in Phuket and it was straight back into the madness again! didnt get there till late sat night and traipsed about Khao San road  for a bit looking for a cheap hostel, in the end we were so tired we just picked one where we could eat at as well....thank goodness it was only for one night cause it was horrible!! first of all it was above a nightclub so had pumping music all night, then the room was disgusting with cockroaches and everything in it so we could hardly sleep anyways for fear of creepy crawlies and just constantly being woken up by drunken people....but you learn from everything so we wont be making that mistake twice! (jules if youre reading this it would be your idea of a total nightmare!) left in morn and went to a MUCH much nicer place right across the road which was great as we were still on the main drag and got good restful nights sleep!!

we liked khao san road although really busy and alot of people hassle you to buy their stuff it was really cheap for some bargains and a ipod dock, darren got his hair in dreadlocks, i got mines braided and got my nose pierced again all for about 40 quid that'd never happen back home! ha! was great...

in singapore airport now waiting for our flight to australia...and when we went to check in in bangkok the first thing the lady said to us was she would upgrade us to business class as long as we changed into trousers and a long sleeve top....without us even saying anything! how good is that! she must have been having a good day and chose us to be nice to!! business class was great!!! so much room and the food was great and got bubbly wine when we took our seats! now i dont want to fly economy anymore hahaha!! next stop Perth.... :)


Koh Phi Phi Don
Kai Island
On hte way to the speed boat
lara with her mis-matching flippers


Tilly Buchanan:
October 22, 2009
Hope you's are having a fab time.....the hair looks good!!!!Enjoying keeping up with the travels, good luck in Austraila. Kids send kisses and hugs xxxxxxx
elaine buchanan:
October 22, 2009
Business Class babyeeeeeeeeee!! get the champers on the go guys!! You know how jealous i am, as I write this im stuck in the office and wishing i was with you!! Next stop australia 'mate!!xx
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