Perth, Australia

October 26, 2009 - Perth, Australia

 Well we are here at last in Australia!!

in Perth and it is beautiful! its a city but its got the feel of a big town rather than crazily busy, very laid back which is just what we were looking for... staying in a really nice hostel (with pool and bar etc!) adn spent first 2 days doing all the necessary... phone, bank account and most importantly the job centre! so we'll wait to see what happens on that front!

also we have just bought our australian car a Ford Falcon and it is awesome! it going to be called (as you all know we like to name our cars/bikes!) Fernando (it just seemed right after we watched Liverpool V Man Utd last night and Torres scored a cracker!) so its Fernando the Ford Falcon!

met up with darrens cousins and they took us out for a night...

money running out will update soon!!!



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Alan M:
October 26, 2009
Have been enjoying your travels, some of the places I have been too as well, so quite excited for you. Lara love the hair and tan!Good luck with things in Perth.
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