Life in Perth

November 5, 2009 - Perth, Australia

Hello all....its been a while since either of us have been on this or even the internet, most of the cafes the connctions are terrible and it takes ages to even open a page so havent been on the internet much!! I cant get a place that will upload pics without taking all day! Anyways, just a wee quick update!

really enjoying perth so far, moved into a lovely house which we have to ourselves at the other as the other couple haven't moved in yet, got a car and D has found a job in a big steakhouse restaurant which is right up his street and he loves it so far.  I have not started yet, I'm with an agency goin round doing wine tastings so will see how that goes but think I might sort out the teaching registration when I get the money together! But i think its wuite good what we've done as we've only been here for 2 weeks today! perth is a lovely city and we love findin our way about (with the help of a sat nav although I think that might be cheating a wee bit but it came with the car!!)

only got few mins left...will write again soon and get some pictures up of the house (and the 2 resident redback spiders we have living out the back!scary!)


November 5, 2009
hmm, getting full out tasting wine eh lara?
and WHAT?! spiders?! noo way.. tell me tell me!
Alan M:
November 5, 2009
Gosh your getting so much done, glad youve a nice place to stay and perth seems exactly what you hoped for. Have been busy too DIY. Enjoy the sun, rain here as usual!
November 5, 2009
sounds gd glad u 2 r havin a great time...does nigel ferguson wrk in that steak house wud tell u that he used 2)n spiders they scare the shit out of me...i bet its warm in the kitchen over there..tilly wud love ur job wud most people in limavady cme 2 think of it...
November 5, 2009
glad u are havin a good time. dont be like dad and try to pick the spiders up lol. i love ur hair aswel its cool.
elaine buchanan:
November 5, 2009


November 5, 2009
Hey......look like you's r having a ball!!!! Lara, wud stick 2 that job, wine tasting sounds good!!!!!! Glad Darren got a job, sounds good is it like Obriens????? Cant wait 2 c your house....take care xxxxxx from the boys
November 5, 2009
Getting paid to go wine tasting! Forget about the teaching, no such perks in that line of work at least not at LCC! xx
November 8, 2009
Hey - arrived in BKK. Staying at Sivalai Place. Sounds like you're having a lovely time. Your pic is on the wall here and they've asked how la la is getting on. it reminds me of teighan and keelah calling you aunty la la xxx
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