March 3, 2011 - Johannesburg, South Africa

I’m so happy to see everyone’s comments on my blog. Unfortunately I have no idea how to respond to questions in the comment section, so I’ll try to cover some of them here:

  • Mary Jo – The weather is amazing! The temperatures have been in the low 70s and there is very low humidity. The training is in laboratory management.
  • KK – I can’t wait to tell you about the African labs. The questions have been great, and I’m looking forward to helping them implement some of the things I covered in the training sessions.
  • Jess – We started drinking pinotage as soon as we got here :-). So far we only had one bottle that we didn’t like, but I’m looking forward to trying more.
  • Aunt Amy – No, those aren’t cookies. Its one of those signs you put on the bed if you don’t want them to change your linens every day. And pinotage is available in the US, you just need to search for it. Wine shops may have 1 or 2 types in stock.
  • Uncle Joey – you were right about the ostrich!

On Tuesday, the host of the training session invited us to a traditional South African restaurant for dinner. When we sat down a nice lady came by with a pitcher of rosewater so we could wash our hands.

Hand Washing

For an appetizer I had peanut soup with shrimp. For my main course I had ostrich with a side of pumpkin. The spices were amazing, I’m not sure what most of them are called, but I think there was some cocoa in there. Ostriches are raised on farms here, just like cows in the US.

Peanut SoupOstrich and Pumpkin

We passed on dessert because we were so full from dinner, but I did have a chance to get my face pained!

Face Paint

On a different topic, one of the other instructors reminds me of a shorter, Californian version of Uncle Bob. Even his voice and mannerisms are similar, and he drinks good wine. I’ll see if he will let me post a picture.

Tomorrow is our last day of training, and probably my last post from South Africa :-(


Face Paint
Hand Washing
Ostrich and Pumpkin
Peanut Soup
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