Antarctica? Really?

November 30, 2011 - Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Welcome to my Argentina/Antarctica Travel Blog! 

I know it sounds crazy, but I really am going to Antarctica...first I will visit Buenos Aires and Ushuaia in Argentina.  I will be traveling with my friend Jessica.  We were roommates in college, and if we were able to survive that I'm sure we will survive the Drake Passage and a couple of weeks in bunk beds.  She is a pro at adventure travel and she speaks Spanish, so I'm with good company.  I heard that one can get by in Argentina using Italian, so if we need to yell at people or ask for food I will be able to contribute.



I head out on Monday, and that will probably be my next post.  While you wait for all of my exciting updates, have a look at my travel blog entries from my Johannesburg, South Africa trip from earlier this year.  Even though it was a lot of hard work, I had a great time.  Thanks to the very nice gift of a new camera, and an REI digital photography class I'm sure my pictures will be better this time around.

While I am on the South American continent I should be able to update this blog regularly, but once I get on that boat all bets are off.  Email may be available on the boat, but I think it costs $10 per line.  If I cannot post regularly I promise to post everything when I get back. 

I have been researching this trip for over a year, so be prepared for a lot of nerdy information.  If you would like to learn more about the boat I will be travelling on check out




November 30, 2011
Can we go NOW can we go now can we go now can we go now can we go now?????????????!!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!! Seriously - is it scientifically possible to explode from excitement?
November 30, 2011
I can not wait for all the stories. It's been so long since I heard a Laura story.
December 1, 2011
I'm so jealous!! I can't wait to hear all your cool stories;)
December 1, 2011
I'm going to be reading everyday and living vicariously!! Have a blast, girls! What an incredible adventure!!!
December 1, 2011
Have fun Laura and be safe. I'm forwarding to Dianna and we'll follow you on your adventure. When you return we'll have you over for dinner.
Mary Jo:
December 1, 2011
Laura--have a great time, but be safe and cautious. I will be following your blog.
December 5, 2011
Have a great time. Don't forget to bring home a Penguin, I got a

walk in refrigreator ready for him to move in. Stay warm.

Love Daddy
Kathleen Keyes:
December 5, 2011
Bon voyage, Lauara! Have a safe and wonderful adventure!
December 6, 2011
If the posts on here are half as funny as the FBW emails, then I am more than sure I'll get evil stares from the "bosses" down the hall from all my laughing! enjoy and good luck smuggling the penguin! I totally want a picture with him, even if I have to travel to your Dad's walk-in fridge!
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