December 8, 2011 - Buenos Aires, Argentina


In about an hour the local tour company is coming to pick us up from our hotel to take us to lunch and then we will go on a 5 hour tour of Buenos Aires.  I wanted to give you a quick update on dinner last night before we head out.

We walked about 7 blocks from our hotel to Don Julio restaurant, a traditional steak house.  This place was all about meat and wine, even the table cloth used to be a cow.

Don Julio

We ordered some Malbec and an appetizer of chorizo with cheese and a sun dried tomato on top.  This brings our vegetable count up to 1.


For dinner we each ordered a half portion…I got the tenderloin and Jessica got the skirt steak.  They didn't ask us how we wanted the meat cooked, and it came to the table medium rare.  I think you get kicked out of the country if you ask for it well done.

MeatMeat 2

After dinner we stopped by an ice cream (helado) shop for desert and then headed back to the hotel.

Tonight we are having dinner at a tango show.  If one of the dancers is sick I am prepared to step in :-)



December 8, 2011
Ler- That looks like a perfect dinner! See you when you get home!
December 9, 2011
I am definitely envious. Steak and wine. What else do you need? :-)
December 11, 2011
Yah baby! Tango away!!!
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