July 23, 2007 - London, United Kingdom

Spain has upset me so I’ve been putting off writing this entry. It started off ok...

San Sebastian
San Sebastian. THE BEACH!!!!After a crazy early morning, Terbo, Bec and I all met in London and flew to Bilbao in the north of Spain. The weather was fab and whilst waiting for our bus to San Sebastian I decided to give the girls some Spanish lessons from my trusty phrase book.

“buenas tardes"
“Buenas noches"
“Soy soltera, soy soltera, SOY. SOLTERA”

Next thing we hear is some banging. We were sitting outside a bar and there were guys banging and waving at us. I was teaching the gals to say… good evening, good night, I am single, I am single, I. AM. SINGLE. After some blushing, the Spanish lesson was put on hold. Lucky as the next line was my room number is…

We caught a bus to San Sebastian and made our way to Olga’s hostel. Probably one of the best hostels we stayed at. It was run by a Russian lady Olga and her partner Rafael who was French. There were heaps of cool people staying there and nights were spent drinking Sangria on the balcony before being ushered next door by Rafael for a free drink, then on to the beach or the clubs. San Sebastian is a beautiful place and as with anywhere with a beach, I was happy.
Unfortunately the weather started to get crappy so we cut our stay short and headed down to Bathelona (how the Spanish say it)

View from Guell Park, Barcelona
Barcelona is full on. Takes a while but it slowly grows on you. It’s crowded, full of dodgy characters but it also has a pumping vibe. There is always something going on. Here we stayed at some not so nice places, a very cool hostel Kabul where you got free breakfast and dinner and €3 beers for 1 litre and a nerdy place that was kind of nice because you could let your breath out.

Here we celebrated Terbo’s 30th. We had lemon daiquiris on the beach. Between four of us (forgot to mention we picked up a French Canadian las by the name of Emmanuelle in San Seb) I think the bar tender emptied a whole bottle of rum into four cups. Terbo fought off a mugging attempt. She saved her bag but broke her camera. Daring little pricks on bikes. They come right for you. We had another couple of botched attempts. A little off putting but you just have to keep everything close. We then spent the night down by the port. so touristy, they even had an Australian bar.

Of course we saw the sites but just really chilled out, drank, met up with our New Jersey friends again (1st time Ireland) and went to the beach.

Valencia, the beach
Last port of call was Valencia. The America’s cup had just finished so not much was going on. Bec and I rocked up to our Hostel starving and what do you know….they were cooking up Paella (traditional Spanish rice dish) on the roof. Some chef comes twice a week to cook. And we got some Don Simons Sangria. Nice start.

The next day we had to find some accommodation and decided we wanted to be near the beach. In hot weather who wants to catch a tram for halfa full of smelly men and pushy people? So what better place than Las Arenas, the number 1 place in town. We decided to lash out for two nights in a 5 star hotel (it was just getting to that point were we did this or went crazy) and luxury it was, It had a pool, sorry pools, pool boys, free chocolate covered strawberries and like true stingy backpackers that we really were we made the most of it. We used every towel (hand, bath, pool) wore the slippers and gowns, drank everything in the free mini bar, used the shower with 13 nozzles without wearing thongs and of course pocketed the complimentary soap, body wash, moisturiser, tooth brushes, sewing kits, nail files and shower caps. And even though we were only there for 2 nights we managed to get in early and leave late so basically we spent three days by the pool, in the pool.

We also spent some time doing other things when we were not by the pool, we went to the beach, checked out the port and caught a train out to Gandia. I think we intruded on a family holiday. Meant to go some other place but were sent on a wild goose chase to find the bus and by the time we got there, it had gone.

Anyway, as you can probably guess I didn’t get attacked from the Las Arenas. After our moment of madness/bliss we headed back to another hostel in the old town of Valencia. Big mistake, big, huge! Being put in a room with a naked man old enough to be your dad should have tipped us off to the type of establishment this was but no. We stayed for two nights and payed severely.

So a hot Sunday was spent in tears looking for a doctor who spoke English. Most of you know I’m allergic to anything with teeth and some even saw the damage done last year after a moment of madness in Bondi. Picture that times 100! Luckily we were heading back to London the next day.

Anyway I’m writing this in hindsight now, back in sunny London and I no longer resemble a close relative to the elephant man but I’ve missed a week in Croatia and had to say an early goodbye to Bec. As our saying has been all Spain, in the words of Chopper I really need to harden the fuck up.

Well I’m heading back to Berlin tomorrow because I can’t stay away from my lovely Steff!
Berlin Wall



San Sebastian
Sangria, €1,45 how can you go wrong??
More Sangria.  It's another bottle!
San Sebastian


July 24, 2007
And I am soooooooooo happy to have you back here with me! We'll find you a job here, you marry my brother and will never be upset again.
Oh, and of course you can return to Australia once a year for a holiday, if I can come, too ;).
Love you loads!

August 10, 2007
Happy Birthday!
Hope you find a tasty foreign treat somewhere to help you celebrate in style...

Spoke to your mum the other day, she told me of your unfortunate run in with the wee beasties...

Here's a little song to help you sleep at night:
"good night, sleep tight,
don't let the bed bugs bite,
but if they do, take your shoe,
and beat them till they're black and blue..."

Words to live by little cous...
August 11, 2007
Hi Lauren! Happy birthday to you as well! I hope Steffi will help you harden the fuck up ( didn t know that one) in Berlin!! And i ll soon be there to help you go throught the strange french country.
see u soon
February 7, 2008
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