Hong Kong & Macau, May 2010

May 19, 2010 - Hong Kong - Kowloon, China


So, class was over and four of us engineering nerds decided to have a graduation trip to Hong Kong and Macau. It was to be a good sendoff for all of us before we enter the working field. I continued to travel for a few more months anyway.

The first two nerds

The second batch of nerds

So thanks to cheap tickets again from AirAsia, we finally arrvied at the Macau Airport


Some random street views at Macau

We took a bus from the airport to the hostel, which is situated at the center of downtown. Hostel style accommodation is illegal in Macau but still, we were able find one.

The bus to the downtown

Durians in Macau! oh wow

So after a kinda long flight, finally our lunch time. Food is kinda similar to KL, or more like KL food is very much influenced by Cantonese style cooking, which is ubiquitous in this area.

A walk in the Largo do Senado, or English, the Senate Square, which is a colorful typical Iberian town square, this is the traditional heart of Macau city. It is surrounded by pastel-coloured neo-classical buildings, most of them having an administrative function during the Portuguese era. The place is a popular venue for public events and crowds gather here just to soak in the atmosphere and socialise.

Emo guy in Macau

A beautiful church, Igreja de Nossa Senhora

Next up is the visit to the National Museum. Macau is rich in history, a visit to the museum is a must.

Macau is a place rich of history, and their museum is one of my favourite place to drop by. Understanding their culture and their long hard struggle with the outside invaders, you can be sure to have a very fun day of history lesson.

After a whole day of museum tour, a tour not to be missed is the tour to the casino

On the front of the entrance, it is the very life-like crazily-large LCD screen with amazing animations.

After some brief look-around in the casino, we went for a decent Portuguese fine-dining, as introduced by bloggers and forums. More like a rip-off by the way, since we travel with student budget

After our dinner, we went THE VENETIAN, one of the most fascinating casinos in Asia.

The next day, we went to the landmark of Macau, Sao Paolo Cathedral. Fascinating architecture!

Breakfast. One of the most recommended places around this area.

Afterwards, we continued our trip to Hong Kong, by boat.

Do not lose this card, which is very important for arrival and departure from the immigration counter.

The arrival port of Hong Kong

Hong Kong's railway system is one of the most complete in Asia. I have never been to Japan, who has by far the most sophisticated railway system in the world, but Hong Kong's is not bad either.

Street views of Hong Kong. I was here!!

The name of the hotel, i think it's one of the cheapest in the area.

Next, we took a cable car trip to the largest seated buddha statue in the world - Tian Tan Buddha in Lantau island

Aerial view of the Hong Kong International Airport

Some sneak peek!

Pumped up for the climbbbbbb!!!

Construction is still ongoing to expand the park

The legendary CCB building....HAHA

Next, we ventured to the Avenue of Stars. Hong Kong version of the Hollywood Walk of Fame. I am quite fortunate to have traveled both!

Our own take at Titanic

You are under my feet, Mr Bruce

Chinese style merchant boat. Wonderful design

We stayed on at the Avenue of Stars, to watch the neon light show in the night

KFC in Hong Kong, our first time of fast food meal in this trip. They even have egg tarts and BBQ chicken wings in the menu much to our delight!


The next morning, a hearty breakfast before some heavy traveling!


Today's itinerary is Ocean Park. We picked the wrong day to visit this place, due to that day was a China national holiday, too many Chinese visited HK. Overcrowded indeed.

A taste of being in an animation film...haha

Afterwards, we went to visit the national treasure - Panda. Jia Jia is sleeping like there is no tomorrow...

An An is not that spirited to meet us either....haha


Dolphin show afterwards, after overcoming the massive crowd to get into the venue


Too crowded!!! so we finally surrendered ourselves and go to some other place

Next up is Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum. Interesting one~

My new girlfriend #1

My new girlfriend #2

My new girlfriend #3

Me teaching Shakespeare how to write

Me teaching Hu Jintao how to manage China

His grandfather

Me correcting Einstein's mistake

My new girlfriend #4

Make love not make war

Me teaching Yao Ming how to block a shot

Me teaching Beckham how to look good

Me teaching Ronaldinho how to smell an ass

Me teaching Tiger Woods how to do a birdie

Me teaching Freddie Mercury how to nail We Are The Champions

It's very tiring teaching those people how to do basic things, so I decided to take a break. Next destination is Mong Kok for the dinner.

The next day we went to Wong Dai-Sin temple (or is it?)

Not a fan of buddhist temple, because i think back in Malaysia we have bigger and nicer temples to visit.

Hong Kong's solution to the ever growing population - cramming everybody in one building.

Man Utd restaurant bar? I m gonna burn this place down some day...hahaha

A very delicious dinner before we head to Lam Kwai Fong - HK's very own red-light district

Last day at Hong Kong, this visit cannot be complete without tasting the Dim Sum here

Still crowded as hell

I have to say, Hong Kong's dimsum is sooooooo much more delicious than anywhere else in the world. Although the price is a bit on the high side, but it is well worth it!!

Next up is the visit to the Statue Square

Also known as the gathering place of illegal/legal immigrants from South East Asia. That's us!! haha

Duddell Street, the most famous scene of the TVB Drama. I am not a fan of TVB Drama but this place really has a classic touch

Next up is the visit to the Michelin one-star restaurant for lunch

This is certainly one of the best roasted meat I have eaten in my entire life.

Before we head back to Hong Kong, the last stop is Stanley Market.

First thing first after reach Macau, the egg tarts!!

Margaret's egg tarts, famed among tourists.

And you can see why...the mouth-watering egg tarts

Next up is the visit to St. Augustine Church. One of the most prominent church in Macau.

Last day in Macau, ended up having to clean the mess before we head back