Langkawi, Malaysia, June 2008

June 11, 2008 - Langkawi, Malaysia

I can't stay at home for long. This semester break I joined Yen Chee's gang to Langkawi Island. Although the Langkawi memories were still fresh in my head, this time was one of the more memorable one. Cuz it's considered half-backpacking. What is backpack? You + Map + Bag(s) = That's what i called backpacking trip.

Why half?

Because I wasn't the one holding the map.

I won't go too details about Pulau Langkawi though. Cuz i've been there for like 4 or 5 times. Nothing's new.

For the span of 3 days 2 night, we rented a minivan to go around the island for price range of RM70-80

One of the attractions in Pulau Langkawi is the Cable Car. Usually tourists take the Cable Car to the summit of Gunung Mat Cincang at 700m to walk across the sky bridge and have a spectacular view of the islands including neighbouring Thailand.

Afterwards we headed off to some waterfall nearby.

Rather refreshing coconut juice

Well, for first-timers, you shouldn't miss the Galeri Perdana, where it hosts the collection of gifts for Tun Mahathir when he was the Primer Minister.

My favourite

Then we visited the beautiful beach of Pantai Kok.
Not much people chose to come here because it's at the the end of island.

Long way back to home

Our small but cozy chalet

Salute to the lost lives of La La

LOL the trip had already ended when i started to take photos.

Not much to talk about Pulau Langkawi, though i feel it's worth a visit for first timers.


It's certainly fun for first timers. A minimum 3 days can cover the whole island's hottest tourist spots. To make the trip slow and relaxing, 1 week is more than enough.


While not as expensive as KL, expenses in Langkawi is not cheap. But the money spent is certainly worth it!

Food and Drinks

Local food lo, what some more le...


The duty-free items here are certainly worth the buy, relatively cheaper than some other popular duty-free places in Malaysia.

Similarity to Malaysia - It's in Malaysia la wei...

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