Closing the Loop

August 28, 2011 - Edam, Netherlands

Five months ago when we left Amsterdam the first camp ground we went to was in a small town called Edam. Today, we returned to this same campsite in order to prepare for our departure on Wednesday. There are a number of reasons for this. The first is that we are within 20 minutes of where we have to drop off the camper on Tuesday. The second is that although we have travelled many lands and seen many town Edam is still the prettiest. It is an old town full of little houses with every street paralleling a canal. After we had settled into the campsite and had lunch we walked into town to partake in a local street festival going on. It was a standard type festival in many ways – with rides and carnival food. The amazing thing was that all these massive rides are squeezed into the small squares available. How they managed to get there through the small narrow streets is a mystery.

WindyEdam CanalAny Fish?1784 FootbridgeEdam Candy ShopHeading Home

Tomorrow we pack.


Edam Canal
Any Fish?
1784 Footbridge


Mom and Dad:
August 30, 2011
As your adventure nears the end,with half the candy store in your bags, we wish you a safe and happy return home.
All our Love
Mom and Dad
Kristina Orban:
August 31, 2011
We also wish you a safe trip home. Good luck with the return to everyday life.
Keep all the nice memories as long you can. Please come back soon.
Love you all! Kristina
The Woods Clan:
September 1, 2011
Have a safe trip home, I look forward to being regaled with stories of adventure, food and good beer.
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