Ale's Stones

August 13, 2011 - Kåseberga, Sweden

Today we went to the Ale’s Stones on the south coast of Sweden. This is often referred to as Sweden’s Stonehenge. It is a collection of 59 stones set in the shape of a ship’s hull oriented so as to function as a calendar. The evidence as to when it was created is contradictory. Some evidence indicates that the stones were set in place between 500 and 1000 CE, but more recent evidence indicates that they may have been put in place in the Bronze Age (1800 – 500 BCE). Regardless, this is an impressive construction in any era. After visiting the stones we went to the fishing harbour at the base of the cliffs and had a nice meal. Theresa and I had fried herring.

Inside the StonesCalendar MarkersFish Store

Afterwards we drove to a nice campsite just outside of Ystad. Tomorrow we head for Copenhagen.


Inside the Stones
Calendar Markers
Fish Store

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Pieter Sanders:
October 28, 2011
Yeah Sweden is really beautiful, especially Stockholm and the north as well... but its damn cold out there, last time I went there it was so cold that I was playing <a href=" ">slots</a> in my hotel room all day without going anywhere... :)
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