Getting Close to the End

August 27, 2011 - Anjum, Netherlands

Well, we are back in Holland – outside Anjum to be exact. We ended up at a campground attached to a resort that is so beautifully built up that at first we thought we were approaching a traditional Dutch town with a resort adjacent to it. We couldn’t understand why a town would allow such a contemporary resort to be built so close to it until we realized that the town itself is part of the resort and only recently completed.

Resort TownResort from the Dike

The weather is fluctuating between downpour and light rain so we are spending the day either inside the camper or at the indoor pool. Right now the kids are in ‘town’ eating french fries with mayonnaise. This morning, however, Theresa and I walked into Anjum, which could be the town that the resort is modeled after.

Anjum StreetAnjum Windmill


Resort from the Dike
Anjum Windmill
Resort Town
Anjum Street

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Bernice Groves:
August 27, 2011
We took the ferry from Denmark to Germany lovely trip. The harbour coming into Germany was interesting with the beaches so close by. Loves our your of Germany.
Have good trip home

Love AB&US
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