Washington - Chicago

September 13, 2012 - Chicago, Illinois, United States

We had a visit to Capitol Building booked for today and Mark was heading a group of 10. We left the hotel with plenty of time to spare for all the security checks they make and walked to the Capitol building. It was a great tour and got to see loads inside. After we walked around the building went to Central station for a drink. We got back to our room to pack for the long train journey to Chicago. We were all excited as we didnt know what to expect from the sleeper compartments. When we got to the station we waited in the first class lounge. Its great because all our luggage was taken for us. Our compartments were tiny and we didnt know how we were going to be able to sleep in such a tiny space. We spent some of the journey in the observation car and then we were called to dinner. The meal was really good and the steak was amazing. After dinner we went back into the observation lounge and had drinks with another couple. We turned into our roomette which had bee converted into bunk beds by our car attendant. I think everyone knew it wasnt going to be the most restful of nights, but it wasnt too bad. Mark got up very early and had a shower and read in the observation lounge until breakfast. I had a shower but was unable to do my hair as I didnt have a hairdryer. YUK. We all sat in our little rooms until we got into Chicago.

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