Denver - Grand Junction

September 18, 2012 - Grand Junction, Colorado, United States

A very early start to the day. We got to the satation to get the California Zephyr. The trip was planned to take 8 hours but it was running late. We had very comfortable seats and the views through the Rockies was amazing. I took loads of pics. Unfortunately there were two more hold ups due to problems with the line and a small fire by the track so we got into Grand Junction two hours late. We were taken to the hotel The Hampton Inn, and decided to try to get money out as we have had a problem earlier in the week. We were unable to use the Post Office card after numerous attempts and we were very pissed off. We tried calling the card company but got cut of after a couple of minutes. That cost us 11 dollars! We also tried Marks credit card and rthat was alsorefused. By now we were getting worried. We decided we needed to go out to eat and try my MBNA card which worked!!. I hope this will keep us going through the holiday but I have a feeling it will be blocked before too long. At least we can sleep tonight knowing we have some money.

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