Farewell My Concubines!

November 26, 2010 - Shenzhen, China

 Our last evening in Shenzhen. We had a most productive day. Liza and I went off to find a contemporay musuem and found this little artisan, SoHo type place with little galleries and resturants. A lot of the photos are from there.

Yesterday when we were out and about Lauran and Tia decided to have a little makeover, nice....

We went to the hospital to get all of medical test results. Everyone passed, I have a few things I need to work on.......but nothing serious.

We decided to eat in the hotel resturant for our last dinner and it was pretty good. We had Peking Duck which you wrap in these little flat breads with green onion and cucumber, taro and sweet potatoes in a coconut sauce (very yummy), celery with ginko seeds and lily bulb, broccoli and seafood, and a fried dumpling thing with greens. Of course it turned out to be way too much to eat. Our last little banquet. Liza and I did Italian last night.

The Christmas decor is starting to come out but not like in the states at least not quite yet. It seems a little strange to us for some reason, doesn't seem to go.

We will be up bright and early to catch our airport shuttle. Lauran and Tia will be staying on in Hong Kong for a Vipassna retreat, a week of silence, then Lauran will be off to India and Tia back to Hawaii. Daniel left a couple of days ago for Thailand.  Will had to go back a couple of weeks ago as he is also working on his MPH and needed to get back to class. Dr. T will rejoin us at the airport to fly back to Honolulu with us. She has been in Hong Kong for the last couple of weeks to have acupuncture on her knees which have been acting up really badly. Of course all of the stairs and walking we did intially did not help. Shihfu is in Hong Kong treating someone and will be off To Singapore to teach.

It will be good to get home. We really had some wonderful experiences, things that you would not do if you were a regular tourist. We got to see China as China is. We will never forget and are grateful for those moments. We also had a great group to travel with which really helped a lot for those challenging moments.

See some of you soon, Kathy



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X-Mas in China
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R Michael Sester:
December 1, 2010
Sounds like you're having a grand time in China!! Looking forward to hearing more when you get back!! Love & Aloha!! Michael Sester xo
Rich Smith:
December 3, 2010
Just watched your slide show. Wow! Looks like you had a fabulous trip.
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